Need Ideas for a 3 Year Olds Princess Party!

Updated on November 29, 2008
V.L. asks from Conroe, TX
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SO my little girl is turning 3 this month and we are having a party for her. We had planned to do it at a "party place", but she insisted that her classmates be invited(9 of them). This coupled with her other playmates if they all showed(which I doubt) was too much money for the party location. So we are doing it at home. Food is no issue. We also have out own neighboorhood park that is next door to our house. It is fenced in, and we plan to use the covered picnic area for cake and ice cream. Plus the equipment is really nice and has one area for big kids and the other for smaller kiddos. So the second half of the party is covered. Now for the first part. We want to have some games for the kids to do but I need suggestions! Thanks ladies ahead of time for the advice!!!! We have plenty of room in our home if it rains to do it all so no worries there!

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answers from Houston on

Dear V.,
Of course every princess has been enrolled in finishing school so they know all about manners and walking nicely keeping a crown on their head, and carrying a cup of tea without spilling.
First, start the game for the duration of the party with the announcement that each time a guest says Please or Thank You, they get a little bracelet--those little neon rubber things--cheapo.
Secondly, Princesses in training should be able to walk across the ballroom or lawn (15 feet) without spilling their tea-use gingerale, or something clear,(no stains) but Certainly not water--too common) which is filled to the brim of their plastic tea cup. They will be on tippy toes (as per high heels) of course. You may politely drink what is left.
Princesses should come quickly when their Queen Mum calls them (same 15ft) without losing the tiara on their head.
Of course princess in training need lots of reminding to use manners to make sure they receive all the bracelets at every opportunity.
If a participant should (Heaven forbid) bump into another,or spill their drink on someone, if she says "uh,oh, whoa"--1 bracelet. "I'm sorry" gets 2 bracelets, and of course, "excuse me" earns 3 bracelets.
Should a grande faux pas occur, the princess who says,
"my bad" shall forfeit all bracelets. ;)
AND in the event that she immediately corrects herself and says "I'm sorry" or such, her bracelets are immediately restored to her lovely arm.
The pleasure is all mine, C. ;)
ps. Should a prince attend, he shall require a necktie borrowed from his father, or supplied by the hostess.
Princes are often peculiar about bracelets and may trade them for candy/toys as they prefer at party's end.

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answers from Austin on

Sounds like so much fun!

Simon says is fun. You may want to make up a list of instructions so you do not run out of ideas. Simon says hop on 1 foot, twirl, shake your booty, scratch your arm, pat your knee, put your thumb on your nose etc...

"The Shoe Pile" is fun. Have each child remove their shoes and place them in a pile. Mix up the pile. Have the girls about 10 feet away from the pile when you say "GO" have them race to the pile and find and put on their own shoes. The first one wins. Be sure to take photos, it is pretty funny.

Pinata filled with decorative bandaides, stickers, hair things, small packages of gummy fruit and maybe a little C-a-n-d-y? (go to the dollar store for goodies).
We usually do the pinata at the end of the party and let the kids each have a gift bag or plastic cup with their names on them to collect the loot from the pinata, this is their party favor.



answers from Houston on

Playing dress up was one of my girls' favorite things...if it rains, this could be a great back-up plan. Go to a thrift store and pick up some things and put all in a big tote or trunk...old shoes and purses are always a big hit too. Makes me wish that my teenagers were little again!! Have fun!



answers from Sherman on

I had a Princess party for my daughter in may. I printed notes to all the little girls that read,

"Dear Princess ____,
Fairies, Flora, Fauna and Marryweather, request your presence at a fairy hunt fit for a Princess. As you walk through the beautiful garden, look for the pink and purple blossoms and there you will find your surprises."



We hid necklaces, bracelets and other fun Dollar Store treats.



answers from Houston on

Depending on where you are located, i know a great place where you can bring the girly aspect of a "party place" home to you. Its located in conroe and its called south beach kids. Its located inside south beach salon on hwy 105 if you are familiar with the area. The owner's name is tammy perry. They have packages that you can bring home and have the fun of "libby lu" at home. Its really great. We recently did my 3 yr olds party this way and she and her friends loved it!!!

Good luck!!




answers from Houston on

You could make a big hudge frog with poster green and make cut out lips and crowns. The girls put the kiss on the frog blind folded and boys put the crown on the frog losts of fun. Pass the princes shoe like a hot potatoe with music being turned off and on. the last person in the circle is the winner. I also told them to dress up for the occassion which they all did so I gave a prize to the best dressed.



answers from San Antonio on

We're doing the same theme too! We're planning to have a dress up tea party indoors. Each child will bring their own tea cup to the party and will pretend to serve tea to each other along with sugar cookies and tea sandwiches. Playing dress up is so much fun that is all the entertainment they will want.



answers from Houston on

I just love this age.You could have a box filled with dress up clothes for the girls.The dollar store has everything you need.Tiaras,purses,feather boas,little outfits just right for 3 year olds.Once the girls are dressed you can make a cat- walk out of a hot pink plastic table cloth( cut it in half long ways)just tape it to the floor.Turn on the music and let them have fun.They love it!!Then proceed to the park for Ice cream and cake.Be sure to take pictures of the girls.This can be later used as a personal thank you cards.(Walmart photo center)My daughter was going on 7 when we did this.However,many of the younger ones enjoyed it so much.

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