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Updated on August 19, 2008
S.T. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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My mother is recuperating in the hospital after some major surgery related to her cancer. She has a 7 or 8 year old dog that I need to find some care for while she is there. We have put in Kennelwood before but hate the idea of putting her back in there, especially since mom might not be home for a month or so more and of course there is the expense. Does anyone know of any reliable and safe pet sitters, who are reasonable and looking to just pick up a some extra money? We would willing to have Sadie go to their house or have them just come and let her out 3 times a day at my moms place. my mom lives in Maryland heights around the 270 and Page extention. Thanks any suggestions would be appreciated. S.

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So What Happened?

Thank you for everyones interest and responses. Luckily my friends brother who loves alone said he would enjoy watching Sadie for us for free and his work schedule allows him to be home alot so Sadie will get alot of attention.

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Hi S.,
First let me say that your mother and family are in our prayers. Regarding her dog, my mom might be interested in takeing her in for a while. She loves dog sitting and has done it for many of her friends. Now she is blind but she raised 3 daughters with no problems and had our family dog on her own after we all moved out before he passed as well. She lives in Lake St. Louis so there are no fences but she does have a lead line in her back yard. One of my sisters and I both have 2 dogs so she is prepared. Email me if you would be interested in talking to her. My email is [email protected] Thanks S. and all my best.

K. Modglin



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I would definitely find a petsitter who will take the dog in their home. A dog needs more than to be fed and let out three times a day. Dogs are social creatures and staying home alone that long would be torture, plus she's likely to take out her frustration by destroying the house. I don't know any petsitters but you can google them and find one in your area.

Also, if Sadie has a calm temperament, she may be able to visit your mom in the hospital. More often now, hospitals allow therapy dogs and cats in to visit patients - so why not a pet. If the hospital allows it, a visit from her dog would be healing to your mom. may have information about that.



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Sorry to hear about your mother. Well wishes for her. I know anything that you do is going to cost money especially for that period of time. BUT it would also give your mother some peace to know that her companion is being cared for, not just let out. The last thing she needs to worry about is how Sadie is doing or wondering if she is OK without her there. I really don’t recommend a pet sitter that only comes to the house for that period of time – there are companies that set you up with families that will care for the dog. Usually the families have other dogs. There is an interview so you can see the home and they can see if the dogs get along should there be one. Here is one that has come highly recommended: Pet Sitters Inc – ###-###-#### or ###-###-####.

Or better yet, give Sara a call (the Sara that replied and just graduated vet school). Maybe since she isn’t working and doesn’t have any dogs to worry about getting along with Sadie she would be willing to take the dog in. Of course I guess that depends on what Sara’s living situation is. And it could be a better deal for you. You both win.

And to Sara – if you can take in animals, call Pet Sitters Inc. This would be a great way to make some extra cash on the side.



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My name is Sarah and I live right at 270 and Page. This Spring I finished the Vet Assistant program at Jefferson is a one year course. I have not found a job in that field yet, but love dogs and would be able to come over several times a day to walk your mother's dog. I also have my own transportation, I am 21 years old. Please reply on my e mail. [email protected]

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