Need Idea for "New" Daddy Gift

Updated on October 19, 2007
M.T. asks from Kansas City, KS
4 answers

Hello Ladies!
I am due with my second child in two weeks. I wanted to get my husband a gift for when the new baby comes, a "new" daddy gift. Even though he's already a great dad I wanted to give him a little something. I did it when my first was born, but I have no ideas on this one. Usually I'm good with these things, but my brain cells are slowly being taken over while this little one finishes cooking. Any ideas? Our second is another little boy if that helps (our first just turned two yesterday!!). Thanks ladies!!

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answers from Spartanburg on

make him a coupon on your computer, "Good for one day with just you, special time." no experation date....



answers from Springfield on

I got my husband a locket type key chain. It has pictures of each of our boys and their names and birthdays are engraved in it.

Another idea cute idea is to get him his own manly diaper bag.



answers from Kansas City on

I got my husband a gold Irish Claddagh ring that he wears on his right hand. When our son turns 16, my husband will give him the ring to wear and eventually to pass to his own child. Congratulations on your upcoming birth!



answers from St. Joseph on

I would imagine that if he is a typical guy that a pass to a batting cage, golf course, or other public sports arena would go over good. Even if they can't play like "Mike" most guys love to get out and hit a few. Plus it will give him a day to get out of the house and have some "Him" time. Which as you know can be very rejeuvenating for any new parent. Giving him a male version of a spa day may also make him more amenable to helping out at home. Hope this helps.

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