Need Help with Sick Kids

Updated on November 07, 2007
E.D. asks from Glen Allen, VA
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My daughter, who's 3 years old, and my son, who's 1 years old, are about to drive me nuts with the sickness. It's diarrhea for a month. They are not dehydrated because they are giving me plenty of wet diapers. My daughter started throwing up yesterday and the doctor we took her to said that she may have a stomach virus. I'm disinfecting everything frequently, washing our hands frequently, and we're changing the kids' bed sheets weekly unless it needs more. Is there anything else I can do to get rid of this virus?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your advice. I think between everything that was suggested, the kids are now healthy. In doing all this cleaning and such, I found a few things that need to be changed in our routine, but other than that, they are back to normal now. I have a few theories as to what caused the gastrointestinal virus, but they could have gotten it from anywhere. My theory is food poisoning from spoiled milk or food that had not been put away right away or a cheerio on the floor. I usually vacuumed once a week, but now it's more like every other day or so. It seems to help.

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open up all windows in your house for a few hours after disinfecting. yeah it may be a little cold now, but germs spread easier in heat. also make sure your kids are getting plenty fresh air. a few minutes outside a day, even sick, does wonders. hope this helps



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We were Air Force (many years ago) when my two boys had the diarrhea for what seemed to be months (but no vomitting). One nice woman in the commissary told me about Pedialite which was a blessing. All the DW's toted the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce Toast) which didn't help me but what DID help was YOGURT! One pediatrician in Hawaii said it was probably a bacteria imbalance and the active cultures in yogurt should correct it. By golly that worked for them! I would try that along with all the other help but certainly won't hurt them.

D. (mother of five grown kids and now grandmother of five)



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My daughter had this. I think it was called Gastrointeritis or something along those lines & really there was nothing you could do to allow it to pass any quicker. You just had to allow it to flush out of the system. I remember it was highly contagious though so if both your kids have it, it's possible they are just passing it back & forth to each other from touching each other or playing together etc. It's a virus & unlike a cold there are no over the counter meds to help w/it. I think they said it could take up to 14 days to get out of the system. Good luck!



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This is deffinately something thats going around. My son had it and several of the girls I work with as well as their children. The best thing is to wash your hands after every diaper, or pull up change. wash their hands and yours all the time and keep purell near by until this passes. I know it sounds like Im stating the obvious, but it helped me... good luck, I know its no fun.

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