Need Help with Ideas for Daughters Birthday Party

Updated on June 03, 2009
S.R. asks from Spanaway, WA
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I need help with ideas for activities for my daughter's 4th birthday party. There will only be a few other kids, two 2 year olds boy and girl, a 3 year old boy, 2 four year old girls and an 8 year old boy. She picked Strawberry Shortcake as her theme. I also am not sure what to put in gift bags and if I should get different bags for boys.

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I found to be very fun for the kids is to make cupcakes and let them decorate them selves. I found a kit at toyrus it came with ediable stickers,paint and all the supplies you would need even down to the cupcake mix. My daughter and friends loved it and it kept the occuiped for sometime.



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What a great theme. I really dont think that you should spend too much on seperate goodies for each child. You could just try getting some unisex stuff like bubbles. first I will appologize this is so long, but I wanted to share with you some of the things from the "Strawberry Shortcake Theme Party" I have with my business. so here goes:

Pin the hat on Strawberry Shortcake - draw a picture of her on a sheet of butcher paper or cardboard with out her hat. Then cut out paper hats for each child to pin. Even better is to have each child decorate the hat with crayons.

Berry patch hunt - take green yarn and run it all over the backyard over and under things. place prizes treats or clues to find as they unravel the string. you can have either the cake be the final prize or something else. when setting up, atart where you want to end. So if it is the cake, having it end at a window or door is best and work you way back to where you will have them start the hunt from. this can also be done indoors too.

Stories - reading a book about Strawberry Shortcake at the end of the party can help mellow the kids out before leaving.

Fun food:

Berry sparklers - using Strawberries, or you can use other berries, just put on a tooth pick, Wash and pat dry. Then dip fruit in a mix of (8oz soft cream cheese, 4 tsp confectioner's sugar. 3 tbsp milk and 1 tsp vanilla extract mixed together until smooth and creamy). Then roll in colored sugar. Sugar can be found in store colored or you can mix 1/4 cup sugar with 2 drops food coloring.

Roll ups - ist tortillas and things like pb j or ham and cream cheese with a little lettuce. cut up into sections then spear with fun toothpicks to hold together.

Berry slushies - for 4 drinks you will need 12 ice cubes, 32 starberries, 1 cup frozen limeade concentrate and 1 cup water. blend and serve in clear glasses with a slice of lime on the rim of glass.

I hope this helps. let me know if you need any more ideas.




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Hi, Sorry I don't have any specific ideas for you, but my advice (learned from experience) is to go easy on yourself in trying to plan the perfect party. My older daughter turned 6 this past spring and we have a new baby at home so I wasn't up for lots of planning. My daughter loves My Little Ponies, so we had a swim party at a local health club, a Pony cake with Pony plates and cups and called it good. While it was mostly girls at the party there were a few boys and they didn't care if there were a few ponies around. I didn't give out gift bags because (1) with the new baby I was too tired and preoccupied to figure out what to put in them, and (2) I'm not sure I love the idea of filling bags with little trinkets that just fill up our house, our garbage can and eventually a landfill. If you do want to give out some kind of gift I would suggest getting one nice thing for each child instead of a bag full of little things. I figure that we provided the kids with a fun time swimming and cake and ice cream, too. What more do they need? Kids seem to have plenty of stuff already! As far as activities, kids seem to have the most fun if you just provide some fun, simple classic kid games and/or a craft. Blow up a few balloons and leave them on the floor; the little ones will love kicking and throwing them around. One year I bought some small "treasure chests" and a bunch of stickers and let the kids decorate them. I thought they'd be done in two minutes but they had a ball with it. You do seem to have a wider age range but maybe you can just have some different "stations" with activities for a variety of ages. This got long-winded but I'd suggest keeping it SIMPLE - for your sake! Good luck!



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When I did my son's bday party, (because he also had friends that were girls), I wanted to include all that came. I went and got dollar store toys. We have a Dollar Tree around here and they are great about having bday items to place into bags. They usually will come in packs of eight which is perfect. This way, you have a great selection of either boy/girl items. No need to fret. :D



answers from Portland on

Even though her theme is Strawberry shortcake I would suggest getting goodies for the boys that way they dont feel cheated with girly stuff.
Also if you dont mind a bit of a mess, do an art themed Strawberry Shortcake part where they can color and paint pictures of shortcake and her crew(you can print pictures to color off the internet). And maybe even have shortcakes they can put together themselves.



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One idea I've always liked for little kid's birthday parties is picture frames. This works especially well if you have a camera and photo printer at home. Get popsicle sticks, glue, stickers, etc. Or you can get the foam photo frames and have them glue their own foam pieces on. Or you can go to Home Depot and get the "build your own" wood frames for $1-$2. Take a picture of each child with the birthday girl. That's the picture they put in their frame. The birthday girl would decorate a frame for a group photo with her and all of the guests.

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