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Updated on September 28, 2007
J.G. asks from Inver Grove Heights, MN
4 answers

I am a mom of 4...I have a 15 year old Diabetic son, a 10 year old daughter, a 1 year old son and a 4 day old son. My vehicle is on it's last leg and I don't have any more money to continue fixing it. I was wondering if anyone knows of any organizations that help people get free vehicles. Thank you so much.

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Do your kids have a social worker at school? My daughter's school has a woman and anyone in need can call her for anything. She finds resources or whatnot.

Otherwise my neighbor next door uses the Salvation Army alot he got his kids clothing, school supplies,, and he got a vechicle donated to him but I'm not sure how he did it. I'd go ask him but don't want to be nosey and we aren't on good terms.

I know his kids have social workers because they have truancy problems too and they always work miracles for them too.

I don't know how this guy does it but they have social workers in their life, the kids have mentors and they get all sorts of help. His daughter just got behind the wheel class fee waived and everything.

He is very bold and just asks and asks for everything and anything and has connections or something.

Sorry I'm not to much help I guess I'd try and find a social worker, or call the salvation army.



answers from Minneapolis on

Try United Way's First Call for Help, ###-###-####, or 211 if you are using a land line phone. Also try TRUST, which is a consortium of churches in south Minneapolis that does community outreach, ###-###-####.



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I don't know where you live, but my in-laws go to/ are employed by Hosanna church in Lakeville (west off the 46 exit). They have a program every Thursday for people who are hurting financially. They have food and clothes and nurses, but they also have a car program. I believe they do repairs and set people up with vehicles. I'm not sure what the rules and requirements are, but it's worth a call. The main phone # is in the book and online. Good luck!



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I saw something once on a fundraising pamphlet for the Greater Twin Cities United Way that had a story about giving a single mom a vehicle. So, I would try United Way, as well as any community/resource centers in your area. Does your son with diabetes have a social worker, or is he affiliated with any programs to help you with his medical needs? Maybe they can help with something like this. Churches are also a possibility, or something like VEAP or STEP (check the phone book). Good luck to you.

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