Need Help with Destination for Florida Keys Vacation in April

Updated on January 20, 2009
J.R. asks from Sugar Grove, IL
4 answers

Hi! My husband, 3 year old daughter (newly 3), and I are looking to visit The Florida Keys in the beginning of April for a family vacation. We'd like to be gone 5-7 days. Our goal is to spend time together, play in the sand, and have a place where we can walk out of our room and onto the sandy beach. Does any one have any personal recommendations for accomodations in that area? We've never been there. We're looking for something reasonably priced, that is modern, close to places to eat, and kid friendly. Thanks for your help!

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I've never been there, but here's my suggestion. Try this website for home/condo rentals: (Vacation rentals by owner).

Have fun!



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How fun. My husband and I love the keys. Key west is by far the best of the keys. It is much cleaner and nicer. We also went to the bookstore for some ideas. We also took a ferry to the Dry Tortugas. Look it up, it was worth it. We drove so if you are driving, there is a restaurant called Travertina and it was the best food I have EVER eaten, I just cant remember which key. We also stayed at a place called the Parmer House on the water and they had exotic animals, it was beautiful, again I cant remember which key. Marco Island is beautiful too.



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Hi J.

I used to work at Hawks Kay Resort on Grassy key, it is right in the middle of the keys, the resort does have a man-made lagoon with sea water flowing in and a man made beach... the keys don't really have many beaches, key west would be another suggestion but it can be very busy and crowded.... the keys are a beautiful part of the states I hope you enjoy your vacation



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Here's my advice -- stay in Key West. It may be a bit further of a trip, however, it's the only Key that has a beach. By far, the atmosphere will keep your little one and yourselves very entertained. You can rent a home (go to and negotiate a deal with a local). You'll be surprised how accommodating the lifestyle is to families. Even Sloppy Joe's ( a great bar that has peel n eat shrimp, live music, a changing table in the men's bathroom, and a live webcam (so your friends/family can see you online). In Key West, there is a nice beach, a view of Cuba, the home of Hemingway, a place to see the cruise ships, and a whole display of street entertainers with dancing cats, parrots to sit on your shoulder, dog tricks, juggling -- that your family will enjoy. When your little one is winding down, that's when the town will be more appropriate for adults (the bars definitely come alive). So, it should work out great for you! :)

The other Keys, no offense, are very commercialized (malls) and although you can see the ocean, there aren't places (I'm serious) to enjoy the sand and surf. You'll have to rent a boat, sit on a pier or just watch from your window. I've stayed in a few places along the way to Key West and unless you have a place with a pool, you may not need a swim suit.

I hope this helps and you enjoy your vacation!

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