Need Help with Convertible Car Seat!

Updated on November 01, 2008
M.P. asks from Houston, TX
12 answers

I have a convertible car seat since 2002. It's Black Cosco Alpha Omega..

We would like to convert Cosco Aplha Omega into booster seat for my second child but I don't know how.

Your reply is much appreciated!!


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answers from Corpus Christi on

This site will ask you for the i.d. number- but, then will give you the instuctions.
Good luck.

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answers from Houston on

Have you checked the expiration on it? They do expire. My son's infant seat is from 2005 and expires in 2010. I'd check that before anything else. Otherwise, you can look at Cosco's website and either download a manual, or request it. Again, though, I'd check the expiration date first.



answers from Houston on

There is a bar at the bottom of it that you have to pull out and it is not easy. The base should pop off from there and than just pull the straps back through it. You just buckle it after that.

I have had to pull mine apart several times to clean it. LOL.

If you have questions I have the same one. Will be converting mine back again soon.




answers from Houston on

Hi M.. As everyone else has said the website is probably good place to go. I just wanted to mention something in case you didn't know. My daughter's previous car seat had an expiration date stamped in the plastic on the back of it. I actually accidentally discovered it when I decided to wash the cover and was taking the seat apart. It wasn't real easy to see since it was stamped into the plastic and was therefore the same color as the rest of the seat. Anyway, I'm not sure if this is just a Graco thing or if all carseats expire. I would assume all do since laws change over time and plastic products breakdown overtime as well. So you might want to check yours just to be safe...I never heard of a car seat "expiring" til then so thought I would pass the info along.



answers from Houston on

there should be number on the seat somewhere and you just call that number and they should be able to help you.



answers from Killeen on

I can't remember if that was the type I had, but I removed the straps...and used the regular seat belt.
How ever you can go to the Cosco website and download the original instructions, you can also go to your local cop shop and they will have some one show you the proper way to install ans use your car seat...It is always good to get a reminder every now and then on the proper use of your safety seats.
Great for you for wanting to do it thr right way! Your a great mom!



answers from Houston on

Go to a Babies R' Us store. Usually the people they train in the car seat department know their stuff pretty well.

Also, there are various police station locations where they do car seat inspections. It's free of course and they will be able to help you and you will be certain that the seat is installed properly. They say about 80% of car seats are not installed properly!! Call your local police station and see if they can guide you to the nearest location.

Lastly, look up the website or customer service number for Cosco. Have the model # ready and they could help you.
Better to go to Cosco or the Police department, you don't want to risk getting information that isn't correct.
Good Luck!



answers from San Antonio on

Check out their website. It should have a manual or instructions for you and possibly an email.



answers from Houston on

I used to use the Cosco A/O. But, my 4 YO wasn't sitting up properly (would slump down) would move the belt, ect. I just felt it wasn't very safe in an accident. And I had read that sometimes seatbelts fail (I've had my seatbelt fail a few times) and the child is thrown from the seat, and sometimes from the vehicle. So I bought new seats- Britax has 2 seats that have harnesses to 80 lbs. One of them is harnessed to 80 lbs and booster to 100 lbs.

3 months after we got the Britax Regent seats we were in a rollover accident. My girls would have likely died as they would probably have either been hung by their seatbelts or thrown from their seats. Instead, they didn't have a scratch! They didn't even bruise from their harnesses (and I've had a few seatbelt bruises myself.)

The insurance paid to replace all the carseats so we bought three Britax Frontieres and a Britax Boulevard (because the Frontieres are for 2 and up and we had a baby.)

Well, Whatever you do, I pray safety for your and your family!
S., mom to 5



answers from Houston on

Check Cosco's website, they usually have pdf manuals online.



answers from Houston on

Call Cosco and get a new manual mailed to you.

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