Need Help with Bottle Feeding!

Updated on September 22, 2006
L.H. asks from Tampa, FL
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My son is 4 months old and refuses to eat with a bottle. He is normally breastfed and I have been working part time since he was 3 weeks old. I would like to go back to work full time, but can't because he won't eat from a bottle. Very rarely will he eat from a bottle! He will definately not eat from a bottle if I give it to him. I don't know what to do anymore. It seems as though we have tried everything!

He has started trying to grab food. I don't know if that means he is ready to start eating solids?

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answers from Orlando on

Try placing bottle under arm as if it is coming from the breast. I did this once when babysitting and it worked. Seemed like the baby was content because they did not have this large object looming over their face.


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answers from Jacksonville on

I had the same problem with my daughter. When she was 3 mths old I had to return to work. I would have to leave everyday for the first week because her babysitter said she couldn't get her to stop crying or take a bottle. Two things I did that worked. I went out and bought a whole bunch of different nipples and bottles. Much to my surprise there was only one nipple she would drink from (it was like a gift from God). They do sell some sampler kits that include a lot of diff. nipples that would be cheaper. Secondly, I put her in daycare where she is with people that are use to dealing with children that don't take a bottle very well. Once we got the right nipple things went so much smoother. I also would have my husband offer her a bottle sometimes during the weekends so she wasn't going through a big adjustment on Monday morning. If you need to go back to work then just do it. Give the caretaker or daycare a variety of nipples and let them work on it worst case scenario you have to take sometime out of your day to go and feed him, I did this for a week before we found the miracle nipple that worked wonders with her. You need to have someone else work with him on bottle feeding (i.e. your husband) because my daughter like most breastfeed babies would not take a bottle from me, she knew I had the really thing and wasn;t going to take second best. Good luck and trust me I went through it and it does get better over time.


answers from Lakeland on

i had the same problem...My son was the same son's father or whom ever had to feed him and i could not even be in the helped sometimes i think they can smell i would leave the room completely and after a few trys he began taking the bottle better....or you could try switching the bottle you are using...could be the nipple he does not like...hope this helps...:)



answers from Miami on

Try getting a bottle or a nipple for the bottle that somewhat resembles your nipple. I used the Dr. Brown's which kinda resembles and the playtex drop ins. The playtex nipple she just chews on and plays with, but with the dr brown's she'll drink with no problem.the sippy up didn't work for me.

My daughter started grabbing at food and just staring at it around 4 months. I began giving her cereal in a bottle and slowly introduced a spoon. i'd give it to her to play with and at 4mon and 4weeks began giving her cereal from the spoon, when she wasn't too hungry. She would take it and enjoyed it, it was a big mess and hysterical, but she tok it and her ped said it was fine. it's been about 2 weeks now and all is well. she takes her bottle and her solids and is healthy.

it might not be too soon, as all children are different, grow and eat at different paces. Just speak to your dr about it.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi, my daughter was the same way. And she refused the sippy cup. We used this bottle and it definately worked. She wasn't 100% thrilled but others could feed her including my husband. For the first couple of months I could not be in the room. You can purchase the bottle from One Step Ahead and Ebay. She transitioned nicely to Dr. Brown's bottles. I've heard of babies eating cereal or baby food fruit mixed with breastmilk at 4 months. Just talking to a friend about it. Ask your ped. Good luck.



answers from Tampa on

Try a sippy cup. That is what I have to do with my daughter. She started with her sippy cup at 4 mos.



answers from Miami on

I tried breastfeeding for a week, and my son didn't want to work for it, so he chose the bottle over me... but he was very specific with what nipple to feed him with. He liked the playtex bottles with the laytex natural one... I think that's what it's called. They made it to help decrease nipple confusion, and is supposed to be most like a breast nipple. If we gave my son a silicone one of the same shape, he would spit it out and refuse to eat... he only wanted latex. Those are a bit more softer to suck on, and they are easier to maintain as far as cleaning. They only need one sanitizing water bath for five minutes, and after that it says you just wash them with soap and hot water.

I would try different nipples, both latex and silicone. As for the babyfood... my son began eating babyfood at that age. He was eating cereal mixed with a bit of some applesauce or something to give it flavor... juice works too. He loved it! Now, he's six months... still uses those latex nipples... and eats us out of house and home! I hope that you find something soon. Be patient cause it takes them a bit to realize the change.



answers from Ocala on

I was able to breastfeed my second child till she was 10 mos old and worked full time from the time that she was 6 weeks old. I used the Playtex Drop-in bottles and she seemed to do well with them. I was not able to feed her from a bottle myself however. If I was in the room she could sense it and would not eat. I don't know how many times I tried to feed her a bottle because I had thawed too much milk that day and did not want to waste it, and she wanted nothing to do with it. Why drink from a bottle when the source is sitting right there?.... Try letting others feed him when you are not in the room. He will eventually eat cause she is hungry and you are not there.

As for the baby food. My second did not eat any baby food till she was 6 mos old, however my third who just turned 5 mos old has shown interest in food since she was 3 mos. The pediatrician gave me the ok at her 4 mos visit to start cereal. She loves sitting in the high chair at the table with us and eating. Sometimes I can't get it in her mouth fast enough. Go with your babies cues and check with the pediatrician.



answers from Orlando on

Definitely too young for solids - I second the sippy cup.

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