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Updated on February 16, 2009
M.T. asks from Georgetown, TX
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ok so i am asking you ladies on behalf of my sister in law she is preggers with a little boy that they are going to name Konner and we are trying to find a middle name to go with the first so any help you can give would be great..So ladies lets play the name game

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I like some of the names that were already given. When I named my children I always picked a middle name that started with a letter in the Alpha., that came after the first name alpha. ex:Christopher James, Chance Robert. To me it just makes an easy flow. Good luck



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Well i thought about this a bit and here are a few that i thought of:

Konner Ryan
Konner Alexzander
Konner Lynn
Konner James
Konner Joesph
Konner Wade
Konner Micheal

These are just a few that i have come up with. Good Luck!!!



answers from Austin on

What kink of name is it? Is it Irish? You could stick with that theme and pick another Irish name. Konnor Aiden, Konnor Gavin, Konnor Brian.

Or Something else,

Konnor Hays
Konnor Patrick
Konnor Davis
Konnor Alexander

Hope this helps, Be sure to let us know what she picks. This is kind of fun!



answers from Austin on

If you put Konnor as the middle name, I like Quenton or Quinton Konnor. You could still call him Konnor.
Just a thought.



answers from Austin on

It's hard to suggest a middle name when you don't know the last name as well (you like to take into account the "word" that the child's initials will make, and, more important, the sound and rhythm of the whole name when it is spoken aloud). Without benefit of last name, however, how about selecting a second gaelic name -- either a name that is usually a surname like McCullough, McKennan, or Lachlan; or a name that is usually a given name like Eamon or Kael or Kieran? They all sound good with Konnor -- at least as far as we can imagine the sound without the last name!

aside: meanings can be interesting
Connor (and I presume Konnor) = much wanted

Mc = son of; Kennan = handsome

Mc = son of; Cullough or Cullach = boar (figuratively, McCullough has meant a brave man)

Lachlan = from the lake

Eamon = wealthy protector

Kael = mighty warrior

Kieran = little dark one (as in black hair)

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