Need Help Tracking Irregular Periods...

Updated on August 20, 2011
L.D. asks from Greenwood, SC
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I'm trying to keep track of my "monthlies" and not sure how to do it. I've always had very irregular periods, as far as the length goes. But this month I thought I started on Aug 7 but the bleeding only lasted a day. Then I started bleeding again onl Aug 11 and just stopped yesterday. So in my calendar do I put down my start date as Aug 7 or Aug 11? this is so confusing. thanks!

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I decided to try an app. thanks ladies!

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answers from Boston on

My daughter has a similar issue and her doc wants them tracked, not just when but also how long they last, so to make it easy for her I have a calendar in the bathroom. She marks start and end dates with an S and E, and tracks when she should start with a 28, and how late with a + and the number of days late. I would like her to mark the days she is on it with an x, but she thinks that's too much, however if she was starting and stopping within days like you have I would insist she do so.

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answers from Provo on

Do you have an ipod touch or something similar with apps? I have the Period tracker deluxe and I LOVE it. I have always been awful at keeping track. This is where you can list your symptoms, write notes, start your period, end your period, estimates ovulation, ect.



answers from Roanoke on

I feel for you! I have had irregular periods my whole life, and it's a pain. But alas, I found an iPhone app that I can track my periods with. I've been using it for over 2 years, and it's AWESOME. I can note spotting, light, regular, or heavy days, add notes when needed, and it tracks conception/pregnancy info. It even figures your "avg" cycle length, and predicts when you will ovulate and have your next period based on the info you have added (which is also great, even though it's not always right, it's just an estimate). I highly recommend finding an app (I think there's probably online calendar's that do the same thing too). It will help!



answers from Atlanta on

I agree with the post about the book "Taking charge of fertility" Very informational and has the charts for you to make copies of to track your basal temperature. It's a great way to see how exactly your period is from month to month. Then if you ever decide to have children you will know exactly when your ovulating and make getting pregnant much easier!



answers from Wausau on

I read taking charge of fertility and track my periods that seems like a lot of work to chart but really it takes me probably less then 10 minutes total the whole month and best thing ever!!! a large dip in my temperature happens the day I get my period so I know the exact day that I will have it start. Awesome! Totally worth the 10 minutes and reading the book :) I have had an irregular cycle since I can's been a long while!


answers from Sioux City on

Napro Technology could really help you.



answers from Atlanta on

I place a "B" on the calendar for each day bleeding. I then would later add an "H" for heavy or "L" for light and "S" for spotting. This legend allows you & your doctor to see just how things are flowing.



answers from Atlanta on

Put both down. Share everything with your OBGYN. If your done having kids birth control can really help. I have to be on it for pain management and irregularity. It's so much easier to plan things knowing when my special friend is going to show up. Like special trips with my husband... Good luck

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