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Updated on May 08, 2012
R.D. asks from Richmond, VA
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How can I tactfully tell my interviewer today that I did get another job offer and time is of the essence (although I do understand wanting to make an unrushed, unpressured decision as to who to hire)??

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answers from New York on

I use to interview potential new hires and to be serious I would probably have automatically written off someone who mentioned in an interview that they had a job offer on the table already. My reasoning would be that 1) they are trying to get me to make a rushed decision 2) they want me to compete for their services i.e. offer a higher wage or 3) they want me to know how valuable they are.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I wanted to thank you for interviewing M.. I enjoyed learning about your company and really love (list a few aspects) and feel I would be a perfect fit. This job seems ideal to M., however I did J. recieve a job offer and have until X to decide. While I understand decisions like these take time I wanted to know if you could let M. know when you will be deciding so I can make the most informed decision about my future.
Thank you

IDK I'm not good with wording but thats the gist of what I'd say

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answers from Washington DC on

I agree, you go through the interview as planned. Don't mention the other offer. If you are asked, mention it, but don't offer up the information. You may not like the atmosphere, etc.

If you do like the place and feel it would be a good fit, casually mention it as you are closing the interview. 'It was a pleasure to meet you, thank you for your time. I believe I would be a good fit for the job, but I must let you know that I was offered a position this morning just before I got here. They have asked for an answer by 4:00pm today/tomorrow.'

As for the job that offered you the position, you can stall them by saying, I thank you for the offer, I will get back to you in a few days. I already had other interviews lined up.

While you are anxious to get a job, having other interviews lined up can help you. It shows that you are in demand. The first offer may up the salary if they think they may lose out. We had a new hire start on a Friday, we had a big 'welcome' luncheon/meeting and on Tues. she came in to say that she was quitting because a job offer closer to home for more money came in on Monday. The manager was pissed. 'She could've let me know that she was waiting to hear back from another company before accepting my offer'.

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answers from New York on

You go through the interview process. You don't know if they will like you or if you will even like their offices or work or anything. Interview as best you can. If at the end of the interview you feel like this is a place you may want to work you then let them know you already have an offer from another company on the table or it may be better for you to wait and give them a call letting them know you have an offer from another company on the table. That choice is yours.

As for the other job offer you can probably delay the other offer for a little while. What kind of benefits have you negotiated? Have you negotiated vacation time, salary, benefits, etc, yet? If you start that process they will have to get back to you on those things and that will give you more time.

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answers from Washington DC on

Just be honest if at the end you decide you want to continue with this group. No need to bring it up unless it matters. Some companies have VERY long interview processes. There isn't much you can do about that. Interview with the company - who knows, you may not even be interested in the group once you meet with them. I will say one thing - don't give up a job offer if you know it is something you want to do just because you have another interview. I have been in HR for many years and I have had many applicants tell me later that they were sure they "had" the job even though we gave them no indication that this was the case and we weren't interested in the least. I'd hate for you to lose out on a done deal for something that may never come into play. It is perfectly OK to ask for a bit of time to consider an offer but if you put it off for more than a few days - a company can rescind the offer thinking you aren't serious. I've done it in the past. It isn't something I wanted to do but we do have to fill positions and move on. So long story short - go to the interview, see how it goes. If you are interested and they are interested in you - let them know your situation and see what their response is. If they can't give you a firm answer, accept the current offer. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

A mix of the two before me :).

I have no problem letting people know I have an offer on the table and need to respond by a certain date.

Is Monday when you have to start with this new company where you have the offer? If so, tell this company you have to give the other company an answer by Thursday, then it will give you a day to decide which one is the better fit for you all together.


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answers from Chicago on

I would not say anything unless it was brought up. I would ask how long they think it will take to complete the process and in all honesty - take what you have on the table unless this is SOO much better.



answers from Santa Barbara on

I was laid off due to my former divisions sale in January 2011 after 13 years. Almost all companies I interviewed with asked if I was interviewing with other companies (some in the first five minutes). If they ask, answer truthfully that you are very far along in the process but you are extremely interested in the position with this company and want to make the right choice for everybody. Your career is too much a part of your life to accept the first thing that comes along.

I think this also shows that you are in high demand (think sign on bonus :)!!

Even after I signed my offer and awaited my extensive background check, I continued to go on a few other scheduled interviews. I had the best job offered to me but you never know what can happen, especially with GIANT companies.

Best of luck, I know it will all work out for you!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

Difficult to answer without knowing what type of job(s)....

Generally YOU make the decision that's best for you....take the O. that's offered or pass it up and HOPE the other makes an offer.

You know what they say about a bird in the hand, and unless the second yet-to-come opportunity is technical, specialized, a sure thing or a position for which YOU are uniquely qualified...I'd go with the sure bet. You CAN always leave & go to the second IF they make an offer.

Certain parameters apply before I would even consider telling the 2nd company that you have an offer. Unless, like I described above, this is highly competitive and/or you are uniquely educated/qualified, there's not going to be a "bidding war" most likely.

Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Congratulations on the job offer!

Now, to answer your question, have you already decided to accept the current offer?
YES - then you can attend your interview, and then towards the end, politely communicate to them that you were offered another job. Try to avoid specifying the name of the firm, and your salary - and tell them you'd like to keep the name unspecified if they ask, but tell them about the position/title, and an approx range of your salary. Tell them, that you are thankful to them for giving you an interview, and that you'd be happy to have had an opportunity to work with them, but since time is of essence to you and they haven't concluded the interview process yet, you have made your decision.

NO - meaning, you want to wait for this job results before accepting on the other offer -
Please keep quiet re the other offer, and just go through with this interview process normally. At the end of the interview, you can tell them though, that you would really appreciate if they can let you know about their decision at earliest as they can. If however during the interview they ask you if you've applied at other places, then tell them that yes you have, and that you are waiting for one of them to make an offer (yes, a white lie, its ok considering the survival of the fittest). In such case, also tell them that you'd however be interested in hearing from this firm first, since this opportunity would be your first choice.



answers from Washington DC on

It sounds like you want the job you're interviewing for today, but that you'd take the job you were already offered because you NEED a job? Is that right? I was in that exact situation when interviewing for my first teaching job. I LOVED where I student taught, and there was one opening for the Fall. However, there were 2 student teachers and we both wanted the job. We both interviewed and then time began to go by, without either of us hearing anything. In the meantime, I was offered a job at another school. So, I called the school where I student taught and basically said "Hey there, have you made any decisions? I've been offered another job and really need to know if I should take it. Hint hint." Actually, I didn't say "hint, hint!" Anyway, they pretty much told me on the spot "You've got the job", and all was well.

Sometimes you've just got to lay it on the line. Say something like "I REALLY want to be here. But I also REALLY need a job, and I've got one waiting for me at XYZ company." I would think most employers would understand that predicament. Good luck to you today. Keep us posted!

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