Need Help Pricing Some Garage Sale Items.

Updated on March 28, 2012
M.. asks from Detroit, MI
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Few items I am wondering about, the rest I just want to get rid of and dont care. Here goes.....

1. Baby swing great condition/works properly, originally paid $140.

2. Full size stroller, never been used and isnt even put together yet. I bought the travel system and only used the carseat. Travel system was originally $150. Carseat is in good condition.

3. Baby bedding, great condition, Pottery Barn comforter and bumper pad. Bright white looks great. Originally $200.

4. Portable baby swing, used once, great condition, originally $60.

I dont want to price them too high, but trying to recoop something! I dont know what I am doing. :)


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answers from Austin on

Pricing depends on area and the socio-economic ability of the shoppers. I live near a lot of (apartments) illegals so the $140 swing would be requested for $5 by my neighborhood's shoppers/standards....

So, I may often go to a friend's house and join in on her community sale days.

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answers from Chicago on

I'd sell those things on craiglist. The rule is 30% of new price for resale.

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answers from Dallas on

I'd honestly put them on craigslist first. For the swing, 50, for the stoller, $25, bedding, $75, portable swing, $15-20. People will talk you down at at garage sale. I'd honestly try Craigslist before anything else.

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answers from Austin on

Decide if you want to get some money for your stuff or just get rid of it. If you want money for it, go to Craigslist. You can even plan to meet at a busy store parking lot if you don't have your husband available that day. Be sure to post a photo. You can even see what other people are asking on Craigslist by doing a search.

When I just want to get rid of something, I marked it 1/5 of the new price if it was in good condition and something someone would be looking for. Everything else was so cheap that people just couldn't walk past it without buying it. I wanted people to pay me a little something rather than me having to cart it off somewhere. I would be strict with my prices the first hour or two then after that, it was obvious that it wasn't in as much demand as I thought and I started knocking off prices or putting up a "Half Off Everything!" sign that I had ready when things slowed down.

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answers from Phoenix on

You probably won't get more than $20 for them. =( I hate garage sales and now give everything to Goodwill. I hate haggling and I feel worse when I feel like people got something for .25 when it was new in the wrapper with the price tag on it that said 19.99! Ugh! Good luck!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am not really good at pricing either but make sure you leave room on your tags for people to swindle the price. That's what garage sales are for :)

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answers from Portland on

I agree with craigslist, but go on there and find out what they are selling for. If you low ball yourself you will lose out on a lot of money, but they will go fast. If you go too high they won't sell. You should do some research and look at your market. I could give you prices, but I am in a different area, so they wouldn't be right for you. Also, list names and brands. This will help you find prices, and it will help you sell them. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on


The stroller - if it's still in the box - return it to the store if you can. If not - $75. List it on Craigslist for $100 and tell people OBO - I wouldn't go lower than $75 for it.

baby Swing - technology changes as do the safety standards - I would probably list it on craigslist FIRST for $75. $50 at a garage sale.

Bedding - ebay baby - ebay - yeah - you'll lose 9% in final value fees - but you will most likely get more money for it there than you will at a garage sale. I'm bad - I bought a set of baby bedding at a yard sale for $20 - it looked brand new. Oooh man - i can't remember the brand - any way - it was missing the "lovey" - I called the company bought the matching one for $40 - sold the set on ebay for $220. So I had a $60 investment and made $140 off it.

The portable swing? $20.

I would try craigslist first. Then work on ebay. If you need help - ask!! I'll do what I can to help you. If you advertise your garage sale - with pictures and prices of items - people will come prepared to spend $$$..ALSO - if you have a smart phone and a paypal account or not - you can accept credit cards!!! It's a trip!!!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

If you want to make money at a garage sale then you have to sell things for super cheap prices. If you want to make money on these items then I suggest you look around for a consignment sale or sell them yourself on ebay or some other site, not craigs list.

You will not sell them if you ask more than $15-$20 for the highest priced items. You may consider just running an ad in the classified section/garage sale section/items for sale section of your local paper on a Sunday edition.

There are ways to sell these items but they won't sell for much at a garage sale. People come to garage sales with $5-$10 in their pockets to blow on cheap items.

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answers from Miami on

Sadly, you won't get what you are hoping for in a yard/garage sale. I had a Graco play yard, cost about $100. I priced it for $20 sold it for $5. People want and expect things for practically nothing in a yard sale. However, if you post a index card with your items on it on say, a bulletin board at your local shopping store, you may get what you are hoping for that. I had bunch of items I sold this way and no questions asked: I got what I priced them for. The bedding you have could sell on Ebay. I sold baby bedding set on Ebay for about $25. You won't re coup much in a yard sale. Good luck!

Also, you might try a local consignment store that sells baby/childrens things. I sold a lot of things in consignment stores as well.

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answers from Chicago on

You will most likely do better on Craigslist. Make sure you include the name of the brand. Like others say, people want things for almost free at a yard sale. When I have garage sales, any high end or really good name brand items get listed online for sale.

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answers from Charleston on

Definitely do Craig's List - you'll make way more money than a garage sale. Craig's list can be a bit weird, so agree to meet people in a safe location other than your home. (Walmart or grocery store parking lots) I've sold all of the above on Craig's list and got exactly what I asked for. At garage sales around here, most people don't want to spend big chunks of cash. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

You won't get nearly enough for those items at a garage sale. At best, probably between $10-20 per item. Maybe.

Most people want to pay next to nothing for items they find at garage sales. If you want to get any type of return on them, I would sell them on Craigslist.



answers from New York on

You may want to check out the prices for these items at other gargage sales, classified ads, or consignment shops.

Other than that, for items 1-3, ask for $40 although you probably will get offers of $25. Item #4, try for $20.



answers from Saginaw on

Swing $50, stroller $75, bedding is hard to sell-put a pottery barn sign and try for $50(Im sure you wont get that though), Port. swing$25-30...

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