Need Help Planning/organizing a Music Class for MDO Program

Updated on July 13, 2009
L.G. asks from Tuscola, TX
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Hi Mama's! I need some of your creative feedback for a MDO music program.

Long story short...I went to sign my dd up for MDO at our church. Somehow I was offered the music teacher position...and I accepted! I am so excited about it, but I'm not sure where to start in planning for it.

About the program: 1-5 year olds will rotate into my classroom for music. I'll have the class for 20 minutes, twice a week. They have an open house/program in March that needs to be top-notch. But between now & March we also have other holidays/events to work in (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween/Fall Festival, Grandparents Day, etc.) The director was OK with a combination of silly songs & Christian songs. They have lots of age appropriate musical instruments available.

I'd like to have some really cool music, with a variety of styles (some traditional/some newer tunes.) Lots of movement...sign language, motions, etc.

Should I have an overall theme, or specific theme for each class? Where's good websites or stores for music? What do you think about taking the 4-5 year olds to a nursing home to sing? Handbells?

Any input or advise would be greatly appreciated. I saw last year's program and it was awesome. It's partially why I wanted my daughter in this particular church program. I want it to be just as good...and I'm getting nervous!

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I like this website!

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There are a lot of great songs available but teaching new songs, tunes and props or insturments is a lot to ask of a toddler. I would try to use tunes they probably already know and change the lyrics up a little. Use props instead of insturments for the little ones. For instance, old mcdonald could be old man Noah and kids could hold up animal cut outs on sticks as the animals are called.

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Hi L.,
First of all, kudos to you for taking on this position. As a music director by degree, my best advice is to search for music lesson plans as they will have a theme, songs, and activities for you to use (and to put a program together).

You can visit your local Christian bookstore for resources. AND, you will have to adjust the lesson plans to each age category (one year olds vs. five year olds is a HUGE difference in what they can handle)!

As for handbells, unless they have special handbells for children to use, I'm not sure that would be a good idea. Regular handbells are heavy AND expensive.

For your first year, my best advice is to keep it simple. While it would be nice to put on a grand presentation, teaching music to little ones takes lots of patience. Their attention spans are short and they need LOTS of repetition. They will tend to forget what they have learned since you only have them 20 minutes twice a week.

Best wishes for your new endeavor.

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In my home child care, we love Carole Peterson's cds and her ideas. Her website is

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The school should already have some music curriculum for you to look at. Wee Sing has some great song books, Christian and silly songs. When I taught, I loved teaching Scripture songs; Seeds of Faith and Seeds of Courage are two great, upbeat tempo CD's.

I suggest an overall theme if you have one program for all ages. In my experience taking the children to a nursing home can be a little scary. We did it once with elementary age and the children were a little freaked out.

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I have been a music teacher for 6 years....and did lots of music programs and stuff for my church....please call me if you would like some it is easier to chat about it then write it all down.


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