Need Help Getting Rid of Lice in My 2 Yr Olds Head

Updated on October 15, 2008
D.W. asks from Kemp, TX
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Ok so it kills me to even have to ask but...I have school aged kids along with a two year old that stays at home with me and I cant manage to get rid of his head lice..I have tried rid and I have tried nix and I am obviously doing something wrong..I wash all his bedding as well as his carseat and then less than a week later he is scratching again!!! My mom past away at the age of 50 (4) monthes ago or I would go to her...I hold him down to comb the best I can and that is just a fight all together..One of my girlfriends told me that hair must be atleast an inch long for lice to live well i found that to be false...PLEASE PLEASE help me!!!!!

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You need to pack everything he has come in contact with in trash bags, i.e. stuffed animals, pillows. I think they recommend keeping them in trash bags for up to a week. I work at a MDO program and so far we have had one reported case of LICE. We believe we caught it in time and because the child was thoroughly treated hopefully that will be it! Have the older kids been coming home with lice as well??

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Walgreen's now has a cold ice treatment for lice I have not tried it but heard it works



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Hello D.,

also use neem shampoo and conditioner. you can get it at sprouts or wholefoods. A couple of years ago there was lice going around our school so I armed myself with information and thank God I didn't have to use it.

you can add a few drops of rosemary, tea tree oil to the shampoo and conditioner you're using.

Anyways, I saved the info on my e-mail here are some links I found that time:

Good luck!


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Make sure you wash bedding in hot water. Also, put ALL of the soft toys, hats, or anything that lice may stick to, in a trash bag and seal it, then place it in the garage for a couple of weeks, or until the lice is completely gone. Clean all combs, brushes eah time they are used. Go through their hair every single day searching for nits, and do that outside b/c that's the best light. Don't forget to clean the couch, carpets, etc. Lice is horrible to get rid of! I used to work in a daycare and it was always a pain to manage, b/c all it takes is one nit that you missed to start all over again, and those things are so tiny they're easy to miss.



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We were dealing with a lice infestation several months ago as well. Both my 9 year old daughter and my 3 year old son had them. I don't know who had them first, but I didn't think we'd ever get rid of them. Here's what we did.

First, I just tried conditioner and using a nit comb to get them out. I did that every other day or so for about a week. They were all gone out of their hair, but evidently not out of the house 'cause a couple week's later, the daycare called us to say our 3 year old was infested.

At that point, we used a product called Lice MD on my 3 year old, since it's supposed to be non-toxic, and we used the Wal-mart brand of Rid on my 9 year old daughter, again using the nit comb every day for 4 or 5 days. The nit comb that comes with the Lice MD seemed to work much better than the ones that come with the Rid and Nix kits, just fyi. It was hard to use the nit comb on my 3 year old (those things hurt), but we cut my 3 year old son's hair with a #3 clipper guard all over so he had a pretty short buzz cut and that helped a lot.

We also bought several cans of the bedding spray and sprayed the mattresses, the floors around the beds, the couches and chairs 3 times over a period of 2 weeks. We only sprayed when we were going to be out of the house for a while 'cause that stuff is potent. We also sprayed the interior of our vehicles at least twice with the stuff. Again, very important to let that air out very well before using the car again.

Next, we did the retreatment after 7 to 10 days like the Rid said for my 9 year old, but it didn't work and she still had them after about a week so we tried Nix at that point and that seemed to work very well 'cause we didn't have to treat her again after that.

Lastly, we washed EVERYTHING in HOT water and dried on HIGH for the next 2 months probably. We put all the comforters, blankets and pillows in the dryer on high for at least 30 minutes each several times over that same period as well and changed the sheets it seemed like every other day. It was harsh on the clothes so knowing we were going to do that, I was careful about what I had the kids wear during that time frame. None of their "good" stuff if you know what I mean.

Since we couldn't buzz cut my daughter, it was harder to get rid of them with her so we had her sit on the floor whenever possible instead of on any of the furniture and we kept her away from my son until we were sure she was clear. Not like far away, she just couldn't be anywhere where her hair would touch him or any of his stuff.

After all that, the lice were gone. I heard about the recent outbreak and I'm praying my kids are spared this time around.

Good luck!



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Believe it or not, Olive Oil is great for getting rid of lice. Have your child sleep with it in his hair. Just enough to make it oily. And then wash it out in the morning. It washes out fine with shampoo, and then blowdry his hair to release the eggs. Only use olive oil, the other kinds don't wash out. and he'll be a big grease ball.
The Olive Oil suffocates the lice and the blowdrying gets them out of the hair. HTH

And if you're feeling crazy you can use some in your hair as a great deep conditioner.



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I want to say that I just read that white vinegar will get rid of lice. Can't hurt to try. We use it for EVERYTHING, and it seems like someone said they used it for lice the other day. Good luck.

Also high heat kills them. Make sure you wash and dry EVERYTHING . . .dryer on high heat. Toys should be placed in a trash bag for like a week or something if I remember correctly. You may even want to try a hair dryer after the vinegar treatment and put it on high. I don't know that the heat would be enough, though.



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Don't be so quick to blame yourself...these lil critters can be a real nuisance. Consider other areas of your home that your child lays or plays as an area to be cleaned. Lice & Nits can live 24 hrs off the host but must have blood to survive. Oh, do you have a hair pet, they can migrate to animals. Also, hair on the body. Use Castor Oil, parting the hair in sections and rubbing it down to the hair follicles. Massage it into the scalp. Use Dawn dishwashing detergent to wash the hair first which cut thru the oil then regular shampoo. Use the fine tooth comb you have from the RID/NIX kits. Comb often and look for leftover nits at the hair roots. The castor oil suffocates the critters. Wear a shower cap overnight if not too young. Buy the plastic covers for the pillows and mattress. When your kids come home from school have them disrobe in your laundry room or one specific bathroom only they use. Place the clothes in a plastic bag if you must carry thru the house to the washing machine. Dispose of the bag immediately outside of the house. Have older kids wash their hair immediately, including forearms and hands, comb with the fine tooth comb. The eggs hatch about every 7 to 10 days and it takes about 7 days before they mature to lay eggs so it sounds like you may be missing a few eggs which is easily done. Keep your young one away from the older kids until they have disrobed and washed their heads. If that is impossible teach them to keep hands to themselves in the vehicle. If they have long hair then put in pigtails, ponytail or braid but don't leave it hanging loose. Consider cutting boys hair short but even if you buzz the hair comb over the scalp. It will be some work for awhile but this needs to continue consistently for at least 3 to 4 weeks then stop to check to see if they are gone. Best of life to you and your family.



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I have not read all of the posts but after having the fighting and crying with my 7 yr old son about his SEVERE infestation he got from a friend's house, I looked online for home remedies. Of course, I ended up with them and my hair is past my shoulders. Here is what I did:

SOAK/DRENCH hair in EV Olive Oil then cover with a shower cap for 30 mins to an hour, using a blow dryer to heat the oil as much as possible. You can sleep overnight in it but I can't imagine the mess you would have.

Wash hair with Dawn detergent (to remove oil) then follow with a White Vinegar rinse. Allow the vinegar to sit on hair for 5 minutes then shampoo as normal.

The olive oil clogs the breathing holes of this buggers and the vinegar destroys the glue they use to hold the nits on with. I was digusted with how many nits and such were coming out of my long hair, but they all came out!!

Your hair will also be as soft and silky :0)

Praying for you!!




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Melaleuca Oil and Solumel will do the's very strong and affective, yet safe (no chemicals or toxins).

I remember having it when I was a child - it was very hard to get rid of.

Good luck to you both!!

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