Need Help Getting 3.5 Month Old to Sleep in Crib!

Updated on April 28, 2010
C.Z. asks from San Francisco, CA
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I need help getting my 3.5 month old out of our bed and into her crib! I put her down (asleep) in her crib at 7:30/8 after our bedtime routine (bath, feed, etc.). She goes down easily so that part we are doing right! She didn't have a crib until she was 9 weeks old and never would do the bassinet and slept really great in our bed w/ the boppy. I know it's not safe and I've wanted her in the crib all along. I just am sooo unbelievably exhausted (I have a 20 month old too) and I've been choosing sleep over good habits!
In bed w/ us she'll sleep from 7:30/8 to 2am and then 5am. In her crib she'll wake up 4-5 times before 11pm! I am so sleep deprived that I give up at some point and bring her in bed.
As far as naps go she's still a cat napper and rarely sleeps in her crib for more than 5 minutes. She does well in the stroller, car seat, swing sometimes and in my arms. I believe I have a nice sleeping environment - nice temp, no mobiles, constant air filter that makes white noise, etc.
I don't feel comfortable letting her CIO or do sleep training until she's at least 4 months old...few more weeks.
Any advice???

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As long as she is napping during the day (in her crib hopefully?), I would say to make her "official" bedtime later. As she sleeps longer, you can move it earlier and earlier. My son always did the bulk of his sleep when he first went down, so we timed this with our bedtime so that we could take advantage of it, until he slept through the night, and then moved it earlier.



answers from Portland on

Our son didn't sleep in his own crib until 4-6 months. We didn't do sleep training until 9 months and I don' tnow that I would even call it that. She's still pretty little. Have you tried something in her crib with her or swaddling? She may feel disconnected. Our son has a lovey that he's had all along and it helps him sleep MUCh better. It seems so unimportant, but I think it helps him feel secure. Just a thought.



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answers from Provo on

Okay having a 20 month old too is no excuse! Mine are 10 1/2 months apart. Okay...It is was me I would put a heating pad in her crib with a blamket over it for about 10 mins, Take the heating pad out and then transfore her over. Most of the times babies wakeup because of the lack of heat when you move them. Good luck!

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