Need Help for Dyslexic 8 Year Old - Mansfield, MA Area

Updated on June 10, 2009
L.S. asks from Norton, MA
4 answers

Hi. My 8 year old son was recently diagnosed with Dyslexia. The school is providing some support, but we're also looking for a tutor trained in the same programs (Wilson or Orton-Gillingham) to work with him now and through the summer. Does anyone know of a Reading Specialist in the Mansfield area, or a tutoring center that may have these specialized methods? This is all new to us and we're trying to salvage what's left of the school year. Thanks!

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answers from Boston on

Hi L.,
I would love to help you and learn more about your son! I am a reading specialist in Foxboro, MA. Over the summer, I do private tutoring and small group reading instruction out of my home in Foxboro. I have had training in Wilson, but do not believe in just a one size fits all reading program. Let me know if I can be of any help! I have a flier I can email to you if you are interested. Good luck!



answers from Providence on

Have you asked the school? I am a teacher and a trained Wilson Reading Specialist in Attleboro. I would be available to help during the summer if you get stuck but unfortunately am not able to help until then. I'll be honest though, I haven't done any Wilson in a few years so would probably not be your best choice! The school (or the superintendent's office) can probably tell you who on their staff is trained in Wilson and who tutors. If the school does not know, contact Wilson directly (should be able to do it through their website). They have a database of certified tutors and can suggest one in your area. good luck



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Hi L.,
Does your school system have Wilson instruction? We live in Bridgewater and it is part of my daughter's service plan to have Wilson instruction twice a week.

I too am a teacher and certified Wilson Tutor (level 1). I tutor before and after school. I do have some time I could offer as I offer tutoring out of my home after school.
I have slots available Mondays from 5-6pm as well as Thursday from 5-6pm.

I also tutor during the summer months and will be setting up a schedule at that time. Right now I have 5 students I am working with and will be picking up 3 more during the summer months.

If you have any questions you can email me at
[email protected]



answers from Boston on

Hi L.,
My son was finally diagnosed in 5th grade after a LONG journey. I'd love to share things we've been thru but it's to long to write in an email. Call me if you like...###-###-#### and I'd be happy to share some advice. We live in Franklin and PJ attended Blessed Sacrament in Walpole.
Would love to chat....It kills me to see kids struggle with this learning difference! Also, PJ's been tutored with OG since 5th grade:)...he's a happy freshman in high school now.

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