Need Help Finding Pinocchio Toys

Updated on November 20, 2009
G.M. asks from Ogden, UT
13 answers

Please help me! My little girl is obsessed with Pinocchio, and all she wants for Christmas is a Pinocchio toy. I've found some stuffed dolls and tons of DVDs, but I'm wondering if there are any playsets with characters or anything.
Wierd request, I know, but does someone out there have an idea???

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answers from Denver on

Go to the Disney store...there is one at Park Meadows mall, or you might shop online.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Activity Set: Figures Of Jiminy Cricket Geppetto Blue Fairy & Pinocchio w Figaro And Play Stage Book & VHS

I know it has the VHS but it looks like a cute playset.
good luck.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I didn't see that anyone suggested You can look for pinnochio stuff and put up an add yourself for free that you are looking for Pinochio paraphenelia. It is a great website, free and even though it is based in SLC, I am sure you could have them mail things to you if you find what you need. I bet people would part with their stuff but didn't know anyone wanted or needed it for their kids. You also don't need to go scour every thrift shop. is the best for everything!!!



answers from Denver on

just google it and most likely it will be sold on ebay or amazon..good luck!!


answers from Casper on

I know that Madame Alexander made a Pinocchio a few years ago. It would be great if you could get one because they are the perfect figure play size. I am not sure how you would obtain one but here is a link to look...
Good luck finding what you need.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Go to and type in Pinocchio then choose the sub-category Toys and Games. There are over a hundred things there.



answers from Pocatello on

If it is out there, it will be on Ebay! Good luck and happy hunting.


answers from Salt Lake City on

I wish you would have requested Pinocchio earlier! When we were in Rome this spring they were EVERYWHERE! Apparently it's a big thing in Italy. Go figure... Check Italian toy stores?

good luck



answers from Salt Lake City on

Wow, does she want an authentic puppet?



answers from Grand Junction on

I would go online to and see what they have there. When we were looking for some of disneys other toys that is where we went. they might be a little more expensive but shouldn't be to bad.

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