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Updated on December 02, 2008
K.R. asks from Rochester, MN
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I just moved to Rochester, MN from Henderson, NV. I have a little boy who is about to turn one, and am pregnant with number two. I had the best experience with my last OB GYN. He is, not surprisingly to me, now rated the number one OB GYN in the state of Nevada. He is funny, comforting, attentive, and above-and-beyond devoted to his patients. He gives every patient his cell phone number. He mails out monthly newsletters with games where he gives away free spa trips and manicures and stuff. Also, on every holiday and birthday he sends a card. Get this, during every visit, he spends the entire 15 minutes with his patient, even if measuring the tummy and listening to the heartbeat only takes him 2 or 3 minutes. He really gets to know his patients on a personal level, and takes the time to discover personal fears, answer questions, or just shoot the breeze. Most of my friends and neighbors back in Nevada even use him, and understand my dilemma. They don't know what they would do without him. The pediatrician I have been using for son was recommended by him, and this woman has the same belief system in doctor-patient relationships.
Now I need to find an OB GYN and pediatrician here in Rochester. I am nervous because I don't want to feel any less special with my new doctors. Does anyone know a wonderful OB GYN and/or pediatrician?

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answers from Rochester on

Will your health insurance cover the Mayo Clinic? You have many options at Mayo, but I don't think you will find an experience like in NV simply because Mayo is much different than any other health care facility. I would recommend getting on the waiting list for a primary care physician. I have Dr. Fitz at the NW Mayo Clinic - he is kind, gentle, and very good at answering questions. He can handle all gyn concerns and if there is a pregnancy you would then be transferred over to OB, Charlton 3-B.

I am currently expecting and I see Dr. Traynor in OB. He is awesome. Again, very good with questions - upbeat, cheerful and very nice. He is rarely, if ever, an alarmist but is also very straight forward with his patients.

For a pediatrician, I recommend Mayo's Community pediatrics on Baldwin 3. (although you could also just get a primary care physician). My daughter sees Dr. Amy Barton. She is so nice, has young kids herself and I just feel very comfortable with her. I've been very pleased. Mayo also has the Express Care Clinics that are pretty nice too - perfect for sore throats, colds, etc. It's a primary care visit and is free for Mayo employees.

If you will be at Olmsted Medical Center, I do not have any experience with any particular OB - they all rotate through the patients and you're not really assigned to one. Dr. Peterson was an OB there when I delivered my daughter. I did not personally like her in my visits prior to delivery, but when I had to have an unplanned c-section, I quickly learned that she is the best surgeon. I was glad to have her. My daughter saw a pediatrician at the OMC NW Clinic for awhile - I forget her name, but I LOVED her. She was so much fun with the kids. I'm sure they could give you the name of her, I wish I could remember it. I think it starts with an M....

Good luck!!!



answers from Kansas City on

I had Dr. Johnson for my first pregnancy- He's at Mayo. I loved him. So nice and laid back. I then had Dr. Boltz for my second- we had to switch because Dr. Johnson works with midwives now too. Dr. Boltz was great- we ended up miscarrying our second son- and she was so kind and caring. She even called us while she was away in Chicago to check on us after our loss. I would highly recommend both of them!



answers from Rochester on

I don't know how you feel about midwives but I would highly recommend the midwives at Mayo. Throughout your pregnancy they make a point of you seeing all of the midwives so that you know and are comfortable with whoever might be on call when you deliver. All of them took time to get to know me and when I had a miscarriage scare they were all very supportive. I ended up having a c-section which was done by Dr. Creedon. I didn't have a lot of contact with him after the c-section (and I had to go under anesthesia so I didn't get to interact with him during the procedure)but, I know several people who told me they really liked him as a doctor.

We chose to have a family doctor instead of a ped. We see Dr. Bruce at the Northwest clinic. We really like him. He has really taken time to get to know us and at every appointment he makes a point of asking how we are doing as parents. Unfortunately I don't think you can get into the Northwest clinic unless you deliver at Mayo or you are a Mayo employee.



answers from Rochester on

I had both of my kids at Olmsted Medical Center. they are wonderful, have great birthing suites, etc. I would definitely give them a call (besides, Mayo may not be taking on any new clients right now)

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