Need Help Finding a Good Preschool for My 3Yr 1/2 Year Old.

Updated on August 29, 2006
M. asks from Chandler, AZ
4 answers

Does anyone know of a really good preschool close to Chandler? My daughter who is almost four really wants to start learning and make some friends. I have been looking all over and everyone says Daysprings is really great but they have no openings.

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Sorry this is so late, but my daughter (4 on October 25th) just started back at a place called Desert Sun Child Development Center.

It is a purely non-profit school, and I LOVE it! I have not come across another school like them. They are on Elliot Road between Alma School & Dobson Road. Check the site at

Good luck!!



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I've not personally tried it but I have a friend who really loved Our Gang. It is located on Warner between Rural and McClintock. They have a website at

I have to add one more tally to your sheet. I love Dayspring. We just started there. Another that is a bit of a hike but are really wonderful school is Scottsdale United Methodist Preschool and Kindergarten. REALLY great. Just a long drive. Good luck. Hope this helps.



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You can also enroll her in Headstart. It is pre school for kids 0-5 years old. She can be with kids that are 3-5 years. Enrollement is On Country Club Drive across from Costco in Mesa. It is free and there are 2 to 3 teachers for 17 students. My kids are enrolled in it. The number is ###-###-####



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Grace Community Christian School is located at Rural and Southern, a little farther away than you're looking for, but a great school! There's also Triple R Childcare, they have a preschool program and there's lots of them close by you...In the Foothills and also on Ray, close to 48th St.

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