Need Help Choosing Gift for 2.5Yr Old Twin Girls

Updated on August 16, 2011
A.G. asks from Anthony, NM
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So we are going to start our christmas shopping soon. I have no idea what to get my 2 1/2 yr old twin neices. I have asked my b-i-l ( hubbys brother) my m-i-l has asked and we either get no reply or I will call you later and let you know, & he never calls. So I am stummped. I know they have a boatload of toys but I have no idea which ones. I dont want to send anykind of giftcard, last time we did their mom spent it on things not for them and told them we didnt send anything for thrir bday. Any Ideas????

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answers from Houston on

Dress up clothes. Coloring books with crayons. You can make or buy really cute fun shaped crayons like this, or plain crayons in crayon totes:

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answers from Flagstaff on

I agree with getting them each a gift so they don't have to share one. I like the idea of personalized gifts, like with each of their names on them. My daughter has received a cute cat/leopard print towel with her name on it, a pencil set with her name on it that came with a pencil case. One year her grandmother got her a Dora movie and book set that included my daughter as one of the characters. Grandma sent in a picture of my daughter to the website and they made the Dora Little Star book and Happy Birthday Party movie using that picture. She is 9 and still loves them. If you don't want to do personalization, I think cute little baby dolls at that age are a perfect gift. Books are always a great gift at any age. My daughter would sit for hours looking at books.

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answers from Spokane on

Dress-up clothes, child-friendly cook ware and books, craft stuff, outside toys.

What about a special story book - maybe YOUR fav from childhood? - and write a special little message to each of them in their copy.

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answers from Los Angeles on

get them a game system they can share (vtech :)) or get them things to do - books, coloring books, crayons, paints :). i have twin nephews and i always get them the same thing so they dont fight

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answers from Phoenix on

For my kids' friends with girls, for their 3 year birthday, I got them all a Melissa and Doug Magnetic Dress Up Dolls. (Think Paper Dolls, but much cooler and more durable). All 5 parents raved about how they girls played with them, independently, and used their imagination.

They sell kids that is a princess, ballerina, or you can get a multi-doll pack (there is one with 4 dolls and 60 pieces of clothing). Depends on if you want them to share or get something separate.

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answers from Tucson on

puzzles and books
my 2 yr old loves the game dont break the ice and cuties
or clothes
My daughter also loves her wooden trains and track.

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answers from St. Louis on

Start them a savings account that you control. Have the statements sent to them so they know about it but don't put mom on the account. I would say savings bonds but she can cash them in as well.

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answers from Honolulu on

GREAT photo gifts and nice quality.
I like the "photo pillowcase."
REAL cute.

OR from the Kodak site, get them a photo Christmas ornament. I get these every year, for Christmas, for my kids. It is real nice.

Toys, are a dime a dozen.
I would get a personalized photo gift for them.

ALSO: or
For personalized luggage/bag tags, with their names on it.
REAL useful, for children and cute.
And not expensive.

I have used all these websites. It is real nice and good quality.

Little girls... also usually like "Tutus." to wear or to play dress-up with.
E-bay has many.

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answers from Dallas on

Whatever you buy, get them the same thing. Don't get something for them to share. Sometimes that is a nightmare. My SIL got our twins ONE toy shopping cart along with some other stuff. The shopping cart was a huge hit. A few days later I ended up going out and buying another one to save my sanity.
What is your spending limit and will you need to ship the gifts?

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answers from Detroit on

maybe personalized books with their names printed on them. (one for
each of them.......each twin deserves their own present.
Years ago there was a place to have personalized video tapes with their picture in it.....we had barney's birthday for a grandson. I am not sure if
they still do that.

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