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Updated on April 04, 2008
T.S. asks from Bowling Green, OH
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I am just wondering how you can tell if your child has add or adhd? My son is extreamly active and talks all the time I just dont know if its the age or if its medical. my son is four and he is tearing apart my house cause he cant sit still for more then like two min.

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answers from Columbus on

I was born with adhd and I was a little hellion. there is a website you can go to that has a simple test. it will kind of help answer if it's just a kid thing or if you should make an appointment with the local child psychiatrist.
the site is
at the bottom of the page is the link for the test and other helpful info

also more info is supplied on this page:

I hope this helps

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answers from Columbus on

My husband has ADHD and I've heard that it runs in families. I checked out a really good book from the local library (Columbus Library system) all about ADD and ADHD questions and answers. My son is almost 5 and I wanted to read up on the symptoms/medications etc. before he gets in to school. Here is the information on the book:

Title: The ADD & ADHD answer book / Susan Ashley.
Author: Ashley, Susan, PhD.
Publishing Information: Naperville, Ill. : Sourcebooks, c2005.
Format: Book - xii, 272 p. ;
Call #: 618.928589 A826a Full Description

I would recommend reading this book because it was so helpful in determining if it's ADD/ADHD or just "being a kid".



answers from Cleveland on

Try doing projects during the day and giving them both things to do. Buy an exercise dvd or video and do it with them during the day. Try getting out of the house more. There are many places that are inexpensive for memberships to go to during the day. If you need project ideas feel free to email me at szaleski! I have HUNDREDS of projects that you can do with both children. I have a 4 y/o and 3 y/o and we had a similar problem it was solved when I gave them other things to do to hold their attention. It just sounds to me like he is bored and needs other things to do. Good luck with everything!



answers from Cleveland on

T., I wouldn't worry about it yet at his age. My son has ADD. He's not hyper but we found once he went to school that he just could not focus on his work. Even still they did not want to suggest anything like add or adhd till he was in the 2nd grade. I honestly believe that up until then it's hard to tell if it's just the age. Plus boys are so much more active than girls!!!! If you're still worried the best thing to do is ask your dr.




answers from Lima on

Will to tell you I just found out that my 9yrs old has ADHD. I know there is information on the internet you find. He is able to focus on anything other then tv. I think you should talk to your Doctor. It took me 2 yrs. to get my child help because one doc said he was ok. My son is ADD! I guess now it is all under ADHD. We are starting tomorrow with some meds. I am tring to stay postive about all of it.



answers from Canton on

It took me four years to realize mine had ADHD.She was unable to sit still, couldnt hold a conversation though liked talking your ears off, and as you said tearing everything apart.The best thing to do is to have her checked out..I recomend by someone who deals in children with ADHD.Child and Adolecent has been my god send.I took her to the family Dr. and she basically just told me my parenting skills sucked.. not what I was looking for at all since my oldest wasnt nearly as misbehaved.Sometimes it can also be passed on through family.I hope some of this helped you.I wish you the best of luck!



answers from Dayton on

Look up info on canida if it sound like something you have you could have given it to your kids. I did have it and I put my son on a candida diet, very hard for kids because they can't have dairy, wheat, refinde sugar, or yeast. so whats left for picky kids not, but if you can do it for a few weeks then gradualy add them back it will make a big diff. Plus more and more info has been coming out abot how refind sugar and flour is not good for us at all. My husband is also away alot for work or not home untill the kids are sleeping so some times I think my son is just acting out because he wants his dad. Well I better go I hope this may be helpfull, and I'm not a great speller so sorry if any are wrong.




answers from Cincinnati on

adhd is the child is jitty and can't sit and focus they will talk alot and sometimes they will be mean to the other
siblings.Your doctor can test the child to see if he really
has it but it sounds like it.




answers from Flagstaff on

My son is 5 and has always been the same way. Recently he has calmed down at home, but began the behavior at school. After several promts from the teacher, I took him to a doctor. In the initial visit, we discussed his behavior and the she gave me two rating sheets for myself and the teacher. In my son's case I was told that since the behavior is not at home and school, that it's possibly a phase though I was told that could not be confirmed until I take those sheets back and she has time to rank them. From research on the internet, I have found that the criteria for add/adhd is also common behavior in young children under 6. It's only add/adhd if the behavior is severe. You might want to wait it out until he's in chool, but if you're concerned, the only way to find out is through your doctor.



answers from Cleveland on

hey there my son who is almost 10 now has been diagnosed w adhd he had to be tested by a few doctors to determine this jason who was diagnosed 2 yeard ago has always been a very hyperactive non stop typical little boy but i just knew something was wrong (the mommy feeling) so sure enough he was diagnosed w it and a few other medical condtions :( they did put him on some meds for a short period but i chose to take jason off them just for the fact your use to your kids acting there way and then it just seemed he was not jason anymore( like a doped up effect) it's sad but you have to think what is best for your child and when your child reached school age it's a whole knew ball game:) good luck & best wishes for you and your familY!!

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