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Updated on June 19, 2008
A.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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hey mamas,
im 18 years old and my parents want my son and i out of the house. im so upset because im going to school and have a part time job so i can be home with my baby more often. i have no idea where i'm going to live or how im going to afford it or anything. Does any of you know of any nice apartments or little rent houses for cheap? or know of anything i can do for like financial assistance and all?? Thanks so much in advance!

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what area are you in??



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Have you applied for WIC or TANF or anything like that ? That would help quite a bit with some expenses. If you are in the Mansfield area they have some government housing on South Main St. They aren't very bad at all. I don't remember if they have washer / dryer hookups but if they don't, there is a laundromat right around the corner (easily within walking distance - even with a baby. I hope everything works out ok for you !



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Hi A.,

Saw your'e posting..not exactly sure where you live at, but I work as an apartment locator in dallas...I have seen people who are in need of help like this...i would start to find a apartment locator in your area, i would call the city information line 211 if they have that...they can direct you to local charities...and pending if you are in HS or College you can talk to the school Counselor and they may be able to help you there...its a start until you are able to make some more money.....and of course the last resort is reasoning with your parents....its hard, i know from personall experiance, but maybe they will not make you move....and don't give is hard & scary...but it always gets better...oh yea, prayer helps...


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I know that there used to be government housing(apartments). I'm not sure where you find out about these but they were there mainly for single moms.

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