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Updated on February 21, 2008
K.F. asks from Saint Cloud, MN
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I am a mom dealing with two kids that need to be evaluated for bi polar per our physicians advice and the failure to manage them thus far with counseling, medication and a variety of parenting techniques. Is there anyone out there that has any experience because I feel so very alone and ocmpletely out of ideas and patients.

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answers from Minneapolis on

K., My heart goes out to you. I don't know anything about bi-polar kids, but I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Mental illness is serious, so please keep your head up and fight for your kids. Take care,
L. M.

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answers from Minneapolis on

where do you live? we are seeing a great psychiatrist in eagan and we also saw a wonderful counsellor there. my son is almost 6 and bipolar plus pdd-nos.

let me know if you are near eagan and i can send you the website/phone number etc etc



answers from Minneapolis on

contact you county agency. Most counties should have children's mental health services



answers from Minneapolis on

Have you checked out the Alexander Center in Eden Prairie? They are a mental health and behavior issues clinic that only deals with children. Dr. Barron is particularly wonderful. My son has OCD and the help we got there had changed our life - he is so happy now and in control of his issues. They have a website, check it out and good luck - you'll be in my prayers.



answers from Madison on

An agency called Mental Health Solutions on Mineral Point Road has some very qualified professionals to at least get a second opinion. Dr. Maureen Rickman is an excellent therapist. They also have consulting psychiatrists for medication if needed.



answers from Milwaukee on

In addition to contacting your County for mental health services I would recommend a Children's Hospital. they are an excellent resource that are used to dealing with a wide spectrum of issues and diseases. We have a wonderful children's hospital here in Milwaukee (children's Hospital of Wisconsin) with a superb Psychiatric base. My oldest (10) uses their services, though not for bi-polar.

Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I'm not sure where you live, but when we were dealing with my dad's sudden death after a car accident (he was like a 2nd dad to my kids) I took them to Scott County Mental Health. We saw Deb Battles there for more than a year and she was wonderful! My son that was 4 at the time was talking about killing himself and they both had issues sleeping and talking about their feelings, etc. She really helped us get through. If you're not in that area, call your county mental health agency and ask for help. I have two relatives that have been diagnosed bi polar (adults) & probably more that are or at least manic depressive. I worry watching my kids thinking they might be the same - I worry about myself too but I don't have the mania. I've struggled against depression myself for years.
Good luck, and let me know if you just need to vent.

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