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Updated on February 17, 2007
L.G. asks from Naperville, IL
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I had a trauma on my knee a year ago when I was skiing. It was swollen for maybe 4 month, but I had no insurance, so I did not went to the doctor. Untill now I could not bend it without pain. I'm doing streching exercises, bending. And yesterday after my workout, I did few sit ups, and it started to do bad noise, like wooden floor sometimes makes, when it is too dry.
I need chiropractic, that really could help, and would be not too expensive, because I still do not have insurance. Curently my chiropractic charges 35$ for apointment, I was there few times, but not sure if his treatment really helps, so it is like waisting time.
I got really scared, because I did not realise that firs day of insury, how bad it can be

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I LOVE Naperville Family Chriopractic. They are at 75th & Rickert/West St. Their # is ###-###-####. I know that they will be moving to new offices just up the street at Ogden & Rickert, but I'm not sure when. Both Dr. Bob & Dr. Chris are VERY knowledgible. They are both very athletic and VERY caring. They really work with people on payments/fees. I'm not sure if you currently have insurance, but they take alot of the different plans. Just really be up front with them about your situation. They also offer massage therapy, stim & accupuncture. Their website is I wish you the best.



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Where are you located? i have had great experience at ADvanced Physicians in Bolingbrook with Dr.Patel..



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My family has regular adjustments by Dr. Cary Frazer of Fox Valley "Care Clinic" in Mason Shopping Center, Oswego. He's a very personable and caring chiropractor. In fact, he's recently offered free, first consultations for new patients. His number is ###-###-####.



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Hey L.,
You probably know what my suggestion will be before you read it. :-) I highly recommend Melaleuca's Pain-A-Trate and Replenex.

Pain-A-Trate $10.99 for preferred customers: Natural menthol acts as a skin penetration enhancer, speeding relief. Camphor then numbs the sensory nerves to cut off pain signals to the brain, and it increases circulation to accelerate muscle healing. T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil [tea tree oil] provides additional skin-conditioning benefits.

Replenex Glucosamine HCI 1500mg $10.15 for preferred customers: Replenish & rejuvanate naturally. Melaleuca's Replenex also contains Ginger, Green Tea & Bromelain. I've seen 500mg of glucosamine in the retail stores for $30.00+.

You would be amazed how much you could save on doctor's bills just by using Melaleuca's wellness products.


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