Need Good Air Conditioner and Furnace company-Allen

Updated on March 02, 2008
Y.I. asks from Allen, TX
4 answers

We will be getting new air condtioning and a furnace. Any good recommendations?

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We used Meadowbrook Air Conditioning and Heating. His name is Craig McConnell and his number is ###-###-####. They were very reasonable. We have an older home and we got new air conditioning about a year ago and they had to put the ducts in, which was a lot of work. It was expensive, however it wasn't as expensive as most places had quoted us. We had gotten several quotes from bigger companies, however a few were smaller places too. They did great work, we haven't had any problems with it. The big companies want a lot of money, cause they have a lot of overhead, expenses.

We called him several times after we got our system in and he always called us back and answered all our questions.
The only downside is that he doesn't offer financing (or at least he didn't offer it when we bought our system). He may offer it now. If you need that, you may want to get a loan from a bank or a home equity loan or find another place that can finance it for you.

He was recommended to us by my husband's boss at work. That's the main reason we decided to go with him, along with the price he gave us.

We have a Trane and have the special air filter and have been happy with it.

Good Luck, C.



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I'm sorry nothing to do with your request, but I just wondered about your in home day care, since I live in Allen. Could you tell me more about it please? Hours, Availability and so on...



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I own an air conditioning company and we are a very honest company. I have a coupon on mamasource also. If you are interested you could check out our website which is o give us a call at ###-###-####


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Collin Air Conditioniing is Great. Bryan is the owner. They are located at Parker and Custer.

We replaced/upgraded our 2 units and both furnaces with him. He is fair, crew is reliable, knowledgeable. His staff has been with him a long time as well.

Our home is 8 yrs old this week and we have had the new units for about 3 yrs. We have noticed a lower energy bill, much quieter and more efficient system.


We got a small discount on top of the deal he quoted because we paid in cash.


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