Need Glen Rose/Granbury Area Accomodations & Fossil Rim Advice!

Updated on March 25, 2008
K.O. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Hello -

My Aunt and Uncle are coming in from Amsterdam, Holland and we are going to take them on a weekend trip to Fossil Rim Animal Park. We are trying to find some accomodations in the Glen Rose/Granbury area that will house 5 adults and 2 babies. A cottage or small house with at last 2 bedrooms will work the best, so we can all stay together, yet still have some privacy. We could also consider several cabins or rooms all near each other, but that will probably be too pricey to pay separately.

Does anyone have any experience with an accomodation like this? And does anyone have any advice about visiting Fossil Rim Animal Park?


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Fossil Rim actually has lodging onsite. There are options for both private lodging and "bunkhouse" lodging. You can go to their website to check out the specifics. We've been to Fossil Rim several times, but have never stayed onsite so I don't know how nice the accomodations are. Good luck and have fun.



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Have you checked the hotels in Granbury yet? They have a few hotels. I'm not sure if they have a suite, which is what you would need. Fossil Rim has sleeping arrangements, I'm not sure how much though. I've never stayed in Granbury or near Fossil Rim.

Fossil Rim, I've been a couple of times. I would recommend not going there on a really hot day. I've been there when it is 90 and 100 degrees, it seems like it is a waste of money. The animals are all hot and they go under the trees and hang out there. We had very few animals that came to our door/window for food. I would recommend going in the morning when it is cooler or on a day that isn't as hot. I would buy the food for the animals cause it is well worth it and maybe get an extra bag or two for your guests. The gift shop is neat and eating there is worth it too, just to get out of the car and relax and see the area is cool. It can be pricey, so you might want to see if you can get any coupons or special deals by asking them if there is any coupons or special days where it is cheaper. Fill up on gas before you go in, cause it is a long drive and you will need the gas. They recommend not opening your window all the way and that is good advice. We saw people there opening there window and sticking their head out the window, which isn't a smart idea. Bring your camera, as there will be many opportunities to take pictures. Good Luck on finding sleeping accomodations. You might ask Fossil Rim if they have any suggestions, maybe they might know of other places for you to stay.



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If you have the Fort Worth Star Telegram Press Pass (the plastic discount pass you get for paying for your subscription for 6 months or a year in advance), the admission is buy one get one free into Fossil Rim. It is tons of fun! We've been a couple times. My boys like to sit in the back of our SUV to get a good look at the animals!



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I would highly recommend Cedars on the Brazos B&B. They are very small and you might have the place to yourself. The owners are extremely accommodating and the property is beautiful. It's where we stayed when we went to Dinosaur Valley, too. Good Luck!

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