Need Fun, Cool Ideas for Things to Do with the Kids

Updated on October 12, 2007
C.L. asks from Sewickley, PA
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I'm writing an article for a national parenting magazine, I'd love to hear your fun ideas for things to do with the kids, that are cool yet super-quick -- things you can do on a walk together, or in the car. For example, word games, thought-provoking questions, fun songs to sing would all be wonderful. Let me know what you think and thanks so much!


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I just bought a book YESTERDAY called "501 TV-free Activities for Kids" with things to do starting at age 2. It was on the "Bargain Books" shelf for only $5.99. It looks pretty interesting and I can't wait to use some of the ideas.

Also, while growing up we would play what my mom called "The Traveling Alphabet". When we were really little, she’d have us find things with the letter sound. For example, “Can you find something that starts with ‘a’ like apple?” (Then “b” “c” …) as we got older “can you find a word that starts with ‘a’?” (Then “b” “c” …) You get the picture I’m sure. We would play every time we got in the car, walked to store, went grocery shopping, when ever. It was such a part of travel with me that the first time my hubby and I took a road trip, I taught him to play. Now every time we’re driving more than about 30 minutes away, we play. Our two year old is starting to pick it up as well! (Just the “I found a car! Kah, Kah, Car!”

Hope it helps! -J



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My daughter has just gotten into the knock knock jokes. They make no sense, but who cares?

She also has imaginary friends that we include in our conversations. We ask her questions about them, if they are with us, ect.

She recently has decided she wants to learn how to count in Spanish, so we practice that.

When we sit at red lights we take turns trying to get it to turn green (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo).

We also talk about the things she wants to do (movies, Chuck E Cheese) and reinforce what she needs to do in order to do these things.



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My 4 year old loves to play "I spy with my little eye". She'll say "I spy with my little eye!" then I look around for green stuff, like grass or a car and she will let me guess until I get it right then its my turn. I usually have to give her hints. Sorry I only explained the whole game just in case you werent familiar with it. Its a good game for just about anywhere, tho.
Also we make up knock knock jokes. Her's always make no sense but she has fun, nonetheless.



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hey I know this is a "bit" too late, but I just posted this and saw your request so I thought I would pass it on...
I am a teacher at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. We offer a wide variety fo children and teen classes that all include wild animals! It's an amazing place for those of you that have never heard of it before. We have a hospitial where thousands of injured or abandoned animals are brought every year. We also have an exhibit hall with wild animals such as coyote, moutian lion, red fox, opossum, several hawks, owls, and other birds of prey, including a bald eagle! Its much different than a zoo, but just as exciting. There are scheduled feedings, petting circles and a discovery room full of touch and learn activities! Weekday mornings are full of childrens classes, but we also offer homeschool classes (ages 6-14), workshops and field trips! I have a new class starting next week called Animal Tales. Its for kids ages 4-6 on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30... so moms you get a little break in the afternoon. ;o) Each class has a different theme, but basically a cute story, a fun project or game and an interesting live wild visitor. Some of the visitors on the list are:
Gopher snake
At least one day we will go up to the museum and get a special tour.
Just to name a few.... Its going to be a lot of fun. Let me know if you are interested and I will give you the details. Its a 5 week class and $40 (if you are not members) but well worth it!!! Hope to see some of you there!

For more information on classes and the museum here is the website...

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