Need Family Vacation Ideas Along the East Coast

Updated on April 19, 2006
A. asks from Denver, CO
4 answers

I'm looking for a good vacation spot along the east coast that is toddler (16 months) friendly and relaxing. A beach would be nice with good restaurants and shopping near by.

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answers from Denver on

From my part of town.

Actually there are a couple of really nice spots depending on what you want to spend.

North and South Carolina: There is always Myrtle Beach, which I love because there is a TON of stuff to do there. The beaches aren't bad, not the best, but not bad. There is always Nags Head which I hear is wonderful beaches and a really nice spot.

In Maryland there is Ocean City. I grew up in Maryland, so we used to go there all the time. I like the beaches there more than Myrtle, but there is more "other" stuff to do in Myrtle.

Cape Cod is wonderful!!! Provincetown, MA - there is whale watching there. Awesome spot for a vacation. Right on the water, very beautiful.

Those are a few that I know of. Hope this helps.


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I highly recomend an all inclusive resort that is family friendly. They offer nanny's with the vacation so you and your husband can also have some time alone and they have ton of kid friendly pools and playgrounds.



answers from Denver on

Myrtle Beach, SC - Very family oriented - the outer banks of North Carolina are really nice too!

If you want to go up to the VA side of the beaches, look up Dewey in Maryland, or Bethany Beach....I grew up on the East Coast, feel free to email me with any questions. GOOD LUCK!



answers from Denver on

Dear A.,
I visited Virginia Beach few years ago (I didn't have children then) but I marveled at the amount of family oriented activities. I particularly loved the endless beach fronts to run wild in and millions of shops catering to children. Of course there are piers, and amusement parks...
Just a suggestion.

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