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Updated on January 25, 2007
R.G. asks from Flushing, NY
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I'm a single mom of and 9yr old girl. I live with my non-english speaking parents. As a single mom I find it very hard to help my daughter after school. My mom refuses to help her with homework. My little girl is about to lose the year. I don't know what else to do anymore. I have tried everything expect quiting my job. I work very long hour and mostly nights. It very hard for me to be home and help her when I am home. I'm trying to pay my outstanding bills in order for us to get our own place. I really need to get on my feet. But right now I'm worry about her education. I have gone to the school and now they what to sent her to couselling they think she might be depressed. I'm just concern that they might want to put her on meds and i'm not agreeing on this.
Please anyone has any Ideas.

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What borough do you live in? You might want to get her a tutor, or a person who home schools their kids. I do that. You can read my profile and let me know if you'd be interested in my help.


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Hi R.

I had the same problem with my son. There is a tutoring program called Score. It was really good. This program is not that pricey but I put my son in it anyway. My sister was able to take him and it was for about an hour. They are really good. I work alot of hours but when my son was slipping in school and had to cut back on my hours. Which to tell you put a lot of pressure on me and my pay. They are on the internet. See what you find. I think it was like 240 a month and I did it for about 6 months. I'm not with my son's father but I did break down and asked him to help with the cost. WHich will a lot of back and forth with our arguing he was able to help me with the cost. I don't know if you are you child father are together or what kind of relationship you have with him but it is te worth the shot. I hope this works.



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Go to your daughters school and ask for an IEP. It's an individual educational plan. Tell them your situation and your concerns..I feel for you. I have 3 daughters and 2 of them ages 9 and 10 get extra help. Let me know how it goes, okay?
Much care...N.



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try to find an after school program like a Y or churh. have your parents take her & stay to help her feel comfortable.



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I m also a single mom with a 8 year old daughter with the same situation, I went to the parent adovocate and the principal they suggested after school reading and writing program, homework corner and Sat program for reading and writing and she has progressed. I suggest you try the school first then try to see community center in your area that offer help.
Good luck

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