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Updated on January 27, 2010
A.P. asks from Cincinnati, OH
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I have a 17month old and a 2 month old and really need a double stroller.
I want something that will fit in the car trunk and that is easy to push.

I wan't overlly impressed with the Graco doubles - they were heavy and hard to steer the heavier the older child was out front - and you can't see or get to the child in front without stopping and walking around.

I was looking at both the Baby Jogger City Mini or the Peg Perigo Aria. Which is better? Or is there another choice?
I need to be able to recline the seat, because my 17month old will still nap out and isn't old enough for the sit and stand yet.
And I'd like to have basket space like my Graco single for the diaper bag.

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answers from Dallas on

just a fyi Target has some of their baby strollers double and single 50% off right now! so you could get a great deal on one :-)

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answers from Minneapolis on

The Sit n Stand brand stroller also makes one that is front to back, but instead of just having a platform, there is a seat and then when old enough, the seat can be removed and replaced with the platform.

We have the BabyTrend double jogger, it's a side by side. It will fit in the trunk of a Pontiac G6 with the tires removed (easily). The downside for you is it is only recommended for 6 mths and up.



answers from San Diego on

Is the Peg Perigo the 60/40 one? I tried that one out in the store and was really impressed. It was super lightweight and folded so small! It only works with the Peg infant seat though (and I had a Graco).

I'd recommend my BumbleRide Indie Twin, b/c it does everything you ask but it won't fit in a car trunk (it does fit in my Murano trunk).



answers from Dallas on

Hi A.,
I LOOOOVED my Combi Double Stroller. They are pricey, but I found ours on eBay and got a great deal. Easy to open and close, folds up very compactly, not too heavy to get in and out of our trunk, lots of storage space, comfy for the babes, reclining seats...we had a blast with it. I'm not a runner, but I am into speed walking, and it worked great for that. It's sitting in our garage now and every time I see it I'm sad because my girls have since outgrown it... :(
Good luck on your search!



answers from New York on

peg pregio is hard to push.. and a heavy carraige. Graco side by side is a great carraige.. it has room to grow for the kids. the front and back ones aren't for kids that are getting big... the jogger is great but hard to put in the car if you are going places.. i love my graco side by side..



answers from Atlanta on

I would suggest looking into the Combi Double Stroller. I wanted something lightweight, easy to open and close, and that would fit through doorways with no trouble. This one fit the bill perfectly! I could open it and close it with one hand - sometimes had a baby in the other! It held up under my two boys for the two years I used it and still works fine when our baby cousins come to town! The only downside is the storage under the seats is small.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I believe Babies R Us sells both of those strollers, so you may want to start there and that way you can actually see and feel the stroller yourself. We went with a Zooper Tango Double Stroller and had to buy it online. Although I wasn't able to see it before buying it, I've been very happy with it. It's a side by side stroller, but it is heavy to lift in and out of the car trunk. The basket underneath is a bit awkward so I ended up buying a hook from BRU to hang my diaper bag from the handle. Both seats recline fully and my 2 year old and newborn were both very comfortable in it. My 5 year old nephew even rode in it during a walk. Even with the downsides, I've been very happy with my purchase.



answers from Chicago on

Sorry - answered the wrong post!



answers from Columbus on

I have the Graco Quattro Tour Duo stroller and really like it. It pushes and stears very well with both kids in it. I tried 2 different Baby Trend sit n stands (double stroller that converts to sit n stand) and the standard Graco stroller and hated how all of them handled. I actually went to BRU and tested them out. You need to at least have a child in the front seat to adequately test them though.

The Quattro has a nice size basket underneath, snack tray for back seat, a snack holder and cup hold for the front seat and 2 parent cup holders and storage area up top. The cons for what you are looking for would probably be that the front seat I think only has 2 positions and neither one is fully reclined. The stroller folds up easily but it is heavy. It does fold up shorter than most other double strollers but it doesn't go as flat.

I tested them out at BRU but got my stroller from Albee Baby online and saved a lot of money. Good luck!



answers from South Bend on

We have Peg Perigo Aria Twin 60/40 and it is the best made stroller I have ever seen. One side accommodates an infant seat for future baby 3#. #2 still rides while the oldest
walks alongside. It is a lightweight side by side model, easy to open and close and fits through doorways.



answers from Cleveland on

Hi A.. If you want something lightweight for when your 2 month old gets a little older(say 4-5 months), I would recommend the Jeep side-by-side. Both sides recline so it could accomodate both children, but it does not have a basket. I have used mine since my children were 4 months old and 22 months old and it has worked out great. I just place my diaper bag on the handle for when when I need to bring it with me. I would, however, recommend this mostly for walks outside when you don't need to carry too much! Otherwise, great stroller. It folds up so easily and you can toss it into your car with one hand.

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