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Updated on November 24, 2009
E.B. asks from Wilmington, DE
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My parents have very generously offered to buy us a new dishwasher for Christmas. Our current dishwasher is awful, more like a “dishrinser”. I have to wash everything completely before I put it in!!! Anyway, I need recommendations. I read online reviews, but they are often contradictory (one person says it’s great, the next says it’s awful), and I’m also skeptical because I know some companies add their own reviews about how wonderful their products are.

Do you love your dishwasher? What make & model is it?


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answers from Harrisburg on

I have a Bosch & love it!! I don't even pre-rinse my dishes, it runs very quietly, and it wasn't too expensive.

good luck

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We have a Kitchenaid and I do not like it, as it often seems to leave silverware and some dishes dirty (and I rinse before putting them in). Previously I think we had a Electrolux and I really liked that one.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hey. I just recently purchased a new dishwasher and after a ton of shopping and research, I went with a Bosch. I have the most inexpensive model they offer (it was $450) but WOW it is amazing. Whisper quiet (Bosch is known for being quiet and is one of the only to advertise how quiet they are). It has a feature where it can detect leaks and will stop the machine so that the water does not get on your floors, it has multiple settings so that you can decide on power scrubber or a lighter setting, it can sense with an "auto wash" setting how dirty your dishes are and use the right amount of water accordingly. Finally, one of my favorite things is that you can do a half load option so that if you have a bunch of cups but not other dishes, you can do 1/2 load and save water. I will say the fist time I used the dishwasher I honestly did not put a drop of water on any of my dishes, scraped what I could but NO pre-rinsing. I had BAKED on spaghetti that had been on the dishes for over 6 hours. I figured I might as well see how it would work. Not a speck of food left on any dish or utensil (and it didn't get into the cups on the top rack). So anyway, I will 100% recommend this to you. Hope it helps =)



answers from Pittsburgh on

I LOVE MY DISHWASHER!!!!!!! Its about 4 years old, its a fridgidare. It says no prewashing needed and it means it! I cant read the model number, its wearing but I just rec. to my neice and she bought the same one and loves it too. Its quiet, and it works ssoooooo well.

I had a problem with the top rinse bar, I called the company, they mailed a new part asap and I installed it myself. It just snapped in. I actually had a motor problem because it was installed by the contractor who remolded our kitchen and he placed the motor on the floor with out "padding" underneath. Once again the company had someone here asap and it was repaired at no charge.

I can read the serial number if it helps-th54765776. the last of the model number is dc3, the first part is worn. It dries excellent, I use any detergent and dont get spots, even the cheap dollar store kind when I'm in a bind!



answers from Pittsburgh on

We had a JennAir DW for about 4-5 years....many, many problems....didn't rinse well; replaced dozens of wheels; and I couldn't put dirty dishes in without having to re-wash. Recently the top bar wouldn't slide in so we broke down and went shopping. After some research and shopping, we ended up with a Bosch from Lowes. The base price was under $700, but we ended up paying for a 5 year warranty with installation it was under 900 with a $50 rebate. Only had it a week, but so far LOVE it. I don't have to clean my dishes first and it rinses pretty well. We just bought the basic one-but all I want it to do is WASH and RINSE and so far it does just that!
Good luck.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm anxious to see your responses...our dishwasher needs to be replaced or repaired (still works but b/c it needs a new motor, it is LOUD!). O. thing I wanted to mention, was that our dishwasher repairman told us two things to improve dishwasher function, both of these things I was doing wrong:
1. Use tablets or pouches, NOT LIQUID! (I used liquid thinking it was better for the appliance, like it IS better for washing machines.)
2. Scrape but DO NOT rinse or pre-wash the dishes. (I always rinsed!) The detergent needs the food particles to "work on" or you will see residue build up on your dishes.
These two things might be too late help you, but hopefully others may find it useful!



answers from Reading on

Bosch is the best, hands down.



answers from Allentown on

We just got a Bosch. Cleans wonderful. It does not have a food grinder so it is VERY QUIET.
The only thing we don't like is the silverware holder. It does not have a large one for spatulas, wisks, etc.



answers from Philadelphia on


I have the "Whisper Quiet Ultima KitchenAid Superba." Purchased from Sears 10 years ago. It is super quiet, and very effective. I would have to say, I love my dishwasher! I also recommend Sears for appliances because they will haggle price with you, and they are great with service issues. I would let your parents know this if they go to Sears. I've always gotten 10% just by asking, "If I buy right now can you take 10% off?"

Nothing quite as great as a new dishwasher. Now, if only they had one that filled and emptied itself ;)



answers from Scranton on

We had a maytag and I really liked it. The reason I say had is because we have such hard water it caused issues for us. I would really recommend it though. Make sure it has a top spinner thing to wash the top rack dishes. Hard water can really take a toll on them. It caused a lot of calcium build up in ours. We had ours about 7-10yrs and it worked well with the exception of it getting blocked up by the calcium in the water. The one thing that helped was letting it sit for sometime to help it dry up inside an then work again.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have a Kenmore Ultrawash Quiteguard (Sears) and really like it. I would recommend subscribing to Consumer Reports. If you do it online it's only $12 for the year . They review everything from appliances to cars to diapers! I check it on everything I buy, even it's a $25 item I like to know what I am getting for my money and avoid the aggrevation of buying a lemon. When I bought this dishwasher it was rated a 'best buy' and I would have to agree! Good luck!

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