Need Decent Priced Electrician in M Street/Dallas Area

Updated on September 11, 2008
M.M. asks from Houston, TX
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I live in a 1938 home and sometimes our house phone has a scratchy sound when we pick it up (usually occurs after a rain). So scratchy we can't hear anything else. I've contacted ATT and they said it's not them, but says it stems from inside the house. Does anyone like their electrician enough to refer him/her? We have cell phones, but still like a house phone for back-up. Thanks!

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hi michelle
i had the same exact problem w/ my older house in the casa linda area.
IT IS the phone line.
don't hire an electrician yet.
make at&t come back out and really inspect those lines outside.
here's what happened at my house.........
they came out 3 times, always telling me there was nothing wrong w/ the lines outside. the last time, i had them come into the house and check the outlet before they left.
the guy hooked something up to the phone line inside the house and that's when he realized........oh, this is an outside line problem, even though he had just told me 5 minutes before that the line outside was fine!
he climbed back up and discovered that way in the back of the box, where he had not looked, yes, in fact those telephone lines were soaked from the rain.
after he fixed it i've never had another problem.
other than w/ at&t, so i switched phone service..........

good luck but please try to make them check the lines again.



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My brother and grandpa are electricians. Email me at [email protected] and I'll give you their cell phone numbers.




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DO NOT use a guy named Brent Bimberry (don't know his business name these days). He is operating without a license.

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