Need Creative Idea for Telling Husband We're Expecting

Updated on November 07, 2008
T.C. asks from Richmond, KY
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I just found out I'm pregnant with my 2nd child! I'd like to find a creative way to tell my husband. With my first, we were traveling so my options were limited (I ended up presenting him with baby socks in Walmart parking lot!) My only idea is to dress my daughter in some sort of "big sister" clothing for him to see when he gets home today. Any creative ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the great ideas! I just put a "big sister" shirt on my toddler and waited until he noticed. He liked it. We're both really excited!

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My favorite way, which I haven't gotten to use yet because all the pregnancies came at REALLY bad times (read: best times for the glory of God to be revealed in our marriage and family!), but what I'm planning on doing with the next:

I plan to wait til I'm three months along in case of miscarriage. Once there, I'm going to get a babysitter, fix a romantic at-home dinner on a date night. Everything will be "baby" peas, baby carrots, baby potatoes, baby asparagus, caviar, baby desserts, etc. You get the idea. Then at the end of the meal once my husband's done raving, thank him and ask him what the meaning of the meal was. This will both (a) calm his hormones enough so he can use his brain and (b) get him scared that there's something important he's missing and what could it possibly be? Then go through hysterics and theatrics, demonstrating mood swings, making reference to nausea, saying it took so much out of me all I want to do is sleep.... etc. THEN once I've got his goat, return to "normal" in my speech, body language, etc, thank him for his attendance and participation in my performance, and ask him what the "theme" of the night was. I'll drop clues and if he still can't guess I'll suggest that it's time to get the Comfort-U body pillow out of the attic again. At this point he'll totally get it. :)

Just a fun idea. Good luck!



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My husband was with me both time I took my test, but we did have fun telling my in-laws. The first time, they had recently pet sit for us when we went out of town for our 1st Anniversary. They wanted to have dinner with us afterwards to celebrate our 1st Anniversary, so we met them for dinner and gave them a present "from the dog" as a thank you. It ended up being a baby onsie and a congratulations Grandma and Grandpa card. They were totally caught off guard and it was perfect!

The second time we bought our daughter a "I'm going to be a big sister" t-shirt and had her wear it when we went over to their house. Just grandma was home, but when she came to the door and saw the shirt my daughter was wearing, she was in complete shock and a women who never curses said "Oh S**t! Really!!" and she was thrilled. My husband and I were going out to the movies that night, but apparently when grandpa got home, he was thrilled to read the shirt and find out we were having another.

We had fun telling them the gender of our 2nd as well - we didn't share the gender with the first (we like games and surprises!). We bought a picture frame that was clearly for a little boy and put the ultrasound in it that clearly showed his boy parts - arrow pointing to it an all. We then wrapped it in a pink onsie and then wrapped that in normal gift wrap. When they unwrapped it and saw the pink onsie, Mom automatically assumed it was a girl and was so proud she was right on the gender. She didn't even pay enough attention when she glanced at the picture to realize it was a boy. Dad did though and pointed it out to Mom. Both were so estatic that they were going to have a grandson to go along with their granddaughter.


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I think putting your daughter in a Big Sister shirt that he'll see would be great. Congratulations BTW.



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Why not mail him a little onesie with a note from the "Stork" congratulating you guys on the upcoming delivery. If you mail it to both of you (Mr&Mrs C.) then you can act just as confused as he does, insist that you have know idea who it's from, then open it together (after WAS addressed to both of you!). Hide the grin until it sinks are slow when it comes to these things!



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We told my parents and in-laws with a cake. I had them over for dinner and wrote on the cake, "Congratulations Grandparents!" For the second child, I gave my son a MagnaDoodle and wrote on it, "Happy Birthday from your little brother/sister! See you in April!" My husband was with me for our tests so I didn't have to tell him.



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I am not recommending this technique, but I think of this as a humorous story:
In an ER where I worked 19 years ago, we could send off "lab errors" easier than that type of thing can be done nowadays. I was suspicious that I was pregnant (my third) and sent a pregnancy test (my urine) to the hospital lab for a 90 year old male patient. It came back "positive".
I was frozen. As always seemed to be the case, this was a "terrible time" for me to get pregnant, and "how on earth was I going to tell my husband?"
I dumbfoundedly wandered over to a co-worker carrying my little strip of paper (with the pregnant 90 year old man's name on it) and said, "Oh Carolyn, this is me, how on earth am I going to tell my husband?"
In the 8 years that we had already worked together, I had seen her through her last 3 of 5 pregnancies and she had seen me through 2 pregnancies. I knew that I never heard of her pregnancies until she started to show at 5-6 months because she was pretty heavy-set. I always thought this was because we weren't such close friends outside of work.
She said (and this IS a true story), "Why tell him? He'll find out eventually?"
That's when I realized that I had probably learned about each of her pregnancies about the same time as her husband did!
With each of my three children, I vomited and dry-heaved daily for three months beginning about the time of the first positive pregnancy test. I knew that I could never consider Carolyn's technique. It WAS novel, however.
(I would never try it if I wanted to maintain a tight marriage.)



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Make or Take him out to dinner and wrap up a rattle or a pacifier in a box and hand it to him as a gift and say cong we are going to be parents again.

I hope this gives you an idea good luck.