Need Craft Ideas for 4/5 Year Old Olds for Valentines Party

Updated on February 07, 2007
S.G. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi All:

We're gathering ideas for a craft for my son's preschool class. We only have 30 minutes so if you've used anything in the past that you can pass along-I'd appreciate it!


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I'm not sure exactly what kind of crafts you're looking for, but this is a great site:

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I used to teach 4's. here is a pretty good one.
large red construction paper, pink paper and sharpie markers.
1-the kids should be able to cut out the pretraced large red heart, 2-have kids hand shapes cut out of pink ahead of time (trace your childs and cut them out at home---1 for each child)
3-have kids glue hand prints on the heart confriguring the fingers to use sign language "i love you" that is pinkie, pointer and thumb pointing up the other 2 pointing down.
4-lastly after the hand is glued down properly to say I love you in sign language, have each child write i love you at the top of the red heart. hint:write it ahead of time on the board. the cutting gluing and writing should use up 30 minutes easy, make sure you have reinforcements:)
if time allows you could then show the other way to say i love you in sign language, kids love sign language as it gets them up moving and learning--win win
I-point to self
love-cross arms over chest
you-point outwards
good luck

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S., is a good site.

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This is such a simple thing...but kids always love it...

How about cookie or cupcake decorating? You could do pink and white icing, all sorts of sugar decorations, heart shaped sugar cookies or red velvet cake mix for cupcakes, etc.

I know it sounds so boring and not creative, but kids always love decorating cookies!



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Have you done any of the foam craft projects that Michael's has? They are great for kids and really easy. Little foam pieces that are already cut out in different shapes (you can buy tibs of them in themes) and then they have all kinds of stuff you can do with them...a little stand with ideas for inspiration is usually nearby. You could get the picture frames and have the kids decorate them then take pictures to put in them (maybe someone can bring a digital camera/printer so they can take it home with them that day).

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