Need Craft And/or Party Favor Ideas for Kids 1 - 10 YO

Updated on January 31, 2012
W.R. asks from Blacksburg, VA
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We're having a bday party this weekend and I'm completely behind on the planning. I have always come up with creative take home ideas in the past for the kids - often the craft at the party became the party favor that they took home. This year I can't think of anything except maybe making kites, but looking online I can find very flimsy sounding paper ones or very complicated "real" ones - so maybe that just isn't a good idea. The youngest kid will be 1 - obviously he won't really be able to do a craft but I would like him to have a take home, and the oldest is 10 and very smart (so she may be bored with whatever I pick anyway!). Any ideas?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much to everyone who answered! I not only had a craft for this party, but now have several ideas for my older daughter's party in a few months! We ended up doing handprints (for the little ones) and painting for the older ones, put into frames (from Michaels) that they decorated with foam and jewel stickers. They all seemed to like it and it turned out very cute. Thank you!!

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What about handprints in poster paint on paper, then putting them in inexpensive frames the kids have painted? You could even put the date on the frame.

If it's a longer party and you have another adult who can drive, you could take a pic of the birthday kid with each guest when they arrive, send the pictures up for one-hour printing at WalMart or CVS, then put the photos in frames the kids paint. They typically have basic wood frames at WalMart for about $2 -- or try the dollar store.

They also have cheap wooden boxes at Michael's or JoAnn Fabrics they could paint.

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Don't know about a craft but have you considered letting the 10 year old be a helper. Like they demonstrate the craft and help the younger kids. That way it evens out the age a bit without the oldest being bored with it.

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answers from Columbus on

At JoAnn's or Michael's, in the scrapbooking area, they have these thin wood cutouts, unpainted, for $0.25 to $0.75 each. Put an old shower curtain (or a cheapy new one) over the table & have them paint/color/decorate the things. When I was there, they had teddy bear shapes, cat shapes, dog shapes, flower shapes, truck shapes & dino shapes (this was at JoAnn's).

Or, may your own playdough (salt dough), color it with sugar free Koolaid. Make sculptures or "fossils" or whatever & bake in the oven for an hour (google "salt dough fossils" and a link with the time to bake & temp will come up).



answers from Boston on

Birthday parties in my family always span age ranges too. Is there a theme to the party? You might want to come up with an easy craft that relates to the theme. Are the bulk of the kids closer to 1 or 10? I would try to make the craft fit most of the kids and alter it for the youngest in the group (e.g. just have the youngest kids color something or use glue - they all love glue for some reason!). When my daughter turned 6, we had a pseudo spa party and the girls made "purses" (e.g. white paper bags decorated with stickers, gems, coloring etc) and then they collected any party loot in the bag (we gave out hair clips, bouncy balls, and had a pinata). The kids at the party were age 2-9 and everyone could decorate in some fashion. The boys made pirate bags instead of princess bags.


answers from Richmond on

What's the party theme?

My BFF has parties with kids of all ages, the youngest usually being my 2 year old son, and the eldest usually around 13 or 14. She usually buys those little wood face masks from the craft store, then paints, paint sponges, glitter, glue, feathers, pom poms, etc... the big kids always help the little kids, it's easy and keeps them happy! She just puts a huge disposable tablecloth under the work table, then throws the whole mess out afterwards!



answers from Denver on

Go to the dollar store, get a package of the foamy material butterflies or flowers (you get about 15 in the package), then get the foamy cutouts that have sticky backs on them - also at the dollar store, then they can decorate their butterfly or flower with them.



answers from Washington DC on

I don't know if you have a theme for the party, but there are some great ideas on the Oriental Trading website. I know you are pressed for time, but you can see all the craft ideas and go to Michael's for the supplies. Michael's usually has a great number of craft ideas as well, but sometimes it's easier to search online for ideas... pom pom animals are usually a hit with any age, because each kid can do a different animal or project with the pompoms and rise to their ability. Remember googlie eyes and fast drying liquid glue. Hot glue works best, and you can get a low temp. glue gun for just a few bucks at... guess where... Michael's! Of course, if AC Moore is closer, I think you'll get the same quality and selection. Another idea is with small clay pots... you can make just about any kind of animal/person/funny dude with two clay pots and a foam ball for the head. Paint it up and it's so fun to make. OH! I just remembered a clay pot idea I did for my guys when they were littler... paint the pot and put their thumb prints all over it. You can make the prints into bugs and paint/write on the lip of the pot: Watch me grow! Then put some floral foam in the bottom, add a floral pick to hold a picture, and you're done!

have fun!

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