Need Clips/barretts/hairbands That STAY in and Won't Hurt!

Updated on November 04, 2009
S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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My dd was born with a full head of hair and as a toddler already is on her way to having it halfway down her back. It is fine, but she has a lot of hubby's vote is that we don't cut her bangs (she wouldn't stay still long enough anyway lol). I use headbands, but they fall out constantly, and the barrettes (sp) I have tried seem to pull hurt or pull strands out.

Any good product that work for a girl's hair? Oh,and my dd is 18 months old, if it is at all relevant.

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for your responses!!
I ended up getting a "No Slippy Hair Clippy" at a Shadyside boutique which cost NINE dollars. It was very effective, but I completely balked at the price, so guess what? One trip to Micheals later I got everything I needed and have been making my own! I was able to copy the design perfectly and they turned out so well that my girlfriend wants me to make them for her for a craft show!! They look great (if I do say so myself)...hmmm...maybe I'll sell them on Ebay and give the No Slippy people a run for their money! (Really...NINE dollars for something that costs 50 cents to make?!) ;)

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I read somewhere recently about a mom that takes that shelf/drawer liner stuff (the foamy squishy stuff...sometimes I have seen these used under area rugs so they don't move around) and cuts little strips and hot glues in on the inside of barretts and headbands and they don't fall out of the hair.

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We have thin hair around here, different type of problem, but i saw this website awhile back and thought i might suggest it.
"Our products are patent-pending and unique. We fully wrap each hair clip in the highest-quality Swiss Velvet, so it’s soft against your daughter’s head, and tuck a small, safe magnet under the velvet for a secure clasp.
Our baby bows® are beautifully
hand-crafted, and guaranteed not to slip or slide in even a few strands of delicate hair."

To be honest though, If I were you, I would gather her "bangs" and sides and pull them up to a half pony tail on the top and use no pull elastics maybe even adult ones (like Goody) if she has enough hair. You could always add a cute clip on the sides or near the elastics. Wish i could show you a picture i'm not sure that makes sense, it' sounds like she has enough hair that it wouldn't look like Pebbles Flinstone, but flow down her back instead.

My SIL introduced me to decorating my own hairclips with differents ribbons and i'm totally addicted now, It's lots of fun, i may try the magnet idea on the clips i make for my daughter.

Enjoy your little girl, I hope you find something that works

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You can buy "ouchless" ponytail holders at Walmart or Target....or any drug store.They have no metal bands to catch in hair. Also, there are tiny stretchy rubberbands for ponytails that are soft and slid right out of hair without pulling. They come in clear or black, I think. Good luck with headbands....they never seemed to stay in my daughters hair....more trouble than they are worth. OH! I agree with hubby! DO NOT cut her bangs....later it is so much worse when you try to grow them back out!



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My daughter had the same kind of hair when she was that age, and I hate to see hair in a child's face! Whisk up the hair in the front into small ponytails on either side and secure with small "rubber" bands made of polyester or nylon--they don't break hair and are small enough for that small amount of hair. One mom I know used small cheap rubber bands like would be used for braces or for cornrows in very curly hair, but you need to snip these to get them out because they'll pull hair if you try to pull them.

Best of luck.


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Get the fat ponytail bands that have no girls use them all the time. You also might want to try pulling the middle section (the part of her hair that would be bangs) straight back and cliping it on top of her head with two clips in a line across the top of her head with one facing to the right and one facing to the left. That's what my oldest likes to do with her hair to keep it out of her face with and without a pony tail.



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i've used barrettes from a brand called no slippy. (i think) they are available at some stores too



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S., I would personally use the clips that snap into place.They are flat in the hair and both my girls loved them. I also used the no pull hair ponytail holders. They do work great. Since she is a toddler, be careful she doesn't remove them and put them in her mouth. You said her hair is halfway down her back-is it possible to braid it?



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My DD also has a lot of her, she is 16 months. Not sure if you have one near you, but Clairs has a line called Clairs Club. They have tiny (terry cloth material I think)ponytail holders that work great and are very easy to get out.



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Goodys brand of hair things makes a rubber band type of rubber bands perfect for kids that won't hurt or damage hair. The bands make no marks and are non damaging to the hair. I know what you mean b/c my daughter's hair is is fine and doesn't hold barretts in place either although she is now 4 1/2 yrs old.



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Hi S.!
I was so excited when I read your post because I, along with 3 other friends at my church, have a hair bow shop on Etsy that we started last year. All of us have daughters and we've gone through a lot of trial and error to make bows that stay in our active girls' hair. We line all of our alligator clips with a no-slip grip that is soft and won't pull out her hair. I hate when clips do that! It makes my daughter not want to wear them.

Our bows are called DaisyBows and you can look at them here: You may have also seen us at the Pitman craft fair. If you're local to the Washington Twp area, you could pick up your order to avoid shipping costs. We also have a great thing going where you can earn free bows by hosting an Online Party. It's so easy - you just send out an email to your friends and you earn a percentage of all their sales. I'm here to help if you have any questions. :)

My blog:
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try and check out their hair products
my daughter is only six months old but i love everything i've purchased from them so far...the headbands and even clips did not fall out of my baby's hair! (she also has a lot of hair!)
one drawback is that they are a bit pricey
good luck :)