Need Christmas Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Daughter....

Updated on September 21, 2011
J.H. asks from La Salle, MN
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O.k. you'd think that since I was once 14, I'd know what a 14 year old would like! You are so wrong! :)

I suppose you're wondering why I'm asking such a question now... we are expecting baby #3/5 (husband and my third, but fifth child in family) on December 10 (c-section isn't set yet) and I want to be done Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving, with only something to get the newest one.

Technically, she's my step-daughter, but we have full physical custody of her and her 11 year old brother. Dad has already figured out what to get him- a tool set, which I think is a good idea. Anyway, about a month ago she gave me a Christmas list idea and none of the items on it are anything we are going to go near to get. She had just completed firearm safety training, not because she's going to go hunting, but just because my husband's has hunting rifles in the house etc.

Anyway, her list included the IPod touch ($225!!!), compound bow and arrow, 12 gauage shotgun and some other type of shotgun. One- she'll be lucky if she ever gets to go hunting with how busy her dad's schedule is in the fall (he works full-time and also helps farm the family farm. I believe in the last five years (since we've been married) he's gone deer hunting only twice!) Two- there is no way we are even considering purchasing such an expensive gift such as the IPod touch. (We did get her the IPod shuffle (the $50 one) last year for Christmas.) For one thing I don't like that you can basically use it like a phone and I can just imagine all the games etc (garbage) she'd try to purchase. Our daughter isn't responsible enough nor does she really need even a cell phone at this time. We live in such a small town-- less than 100 people-- and she doesn't have a part-time job or in afterschool sports to deem needing even a cell phone.

Growing up she has been much more of a tomboy of sorts. She would tell teacher and counselors that she would rather hang around the boys because they didn't have as much drama going on. And yes, she did actually same something to that affect when she was in the 4th grade, I believe! She's now in 9th grade and really only talks about just a few girls, but is still more prone to want to hang out with the guys, which has me concerned on a whole other level, but that's for another question! She does like to read- has the Hunger series already, likes anything vampireish (not my cup of tea) and dark, which I know is the norm now.

Anyway, I hope that gives you Momma's some information about her. Now what are your suggestions on Christmas gifts? We do an exchange on both my side and my husband's side of the family, so I need some suggestions of items that are in the $15-20 range for those. Paternal grandparents also buy something for Christmas, but that is always some clothing items, so all I have to do is give my MIL her size. Paternal great grandparents also buy something, but they have been having us doing the shopping for them.

As for what we get in our household, it's all depended on a number of things. It used to be that both kids got the same number of gifts and now it's kind of in the "what would they really like" category. But with her going on 15, that can get expensive fast! I don't really want her to only get one present to open at our house, but I'm really lost as to what to look for without her knowing I'm buying it for her for Christmas.

I've contemplated getting a gift card to a store, but I don't want her to just open up a card on Christmas morning...and then by the time we go shopping, she'll have forgotten about the GC, which has happened!

Finally, my husband has stated that we will never own a game system, like the WII or Nintendo, so anything along that line is out.

Thanks for all your help!

EDIT-- Personally I wouldn't mind having something like the WII, but for whatever reason my husband is completely against it and I'm not going to push that one! :) She does have a camera, which I forgot to mention. That was her big item last Christmas and she likes that. As for anything hunting related, in reality she has never really shown an interest in hunting until this fire arm safety class and my one concern, that a SIL brought up, it's something that you'll only use once a year, will she really appreciate it? We don't go to the gun range at all and with little ones in the house I wouldn't be comfortable with her taking the bow and arrow just outside to target shoot, which I know other people in our town do, but their kids are MUCH older. That's why I've been looking at other suggestions. I'm planning on talking to her soon....she's being quite cranky lately and I think I finally figured out why! Darn hormones and flucuating cycles at this age! hahaha

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I really liked the fish idea as she's hinted at that too. Now that we're getting closer to baby coming and Christmas my husband has been wondering the same thing. As for the suggestions of boombox etc for her room, I'd love too!! However our house is so old there are no plug-ins upstairs! It's on our list of things to do of course, but we know we'd have to rewire the entire upstairs.

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answers from Chicago on

Maybe you can have her dad take her deer hunting for her gift. Truly, my dad's time is what I was most craving in my teen years. He took me small game hunting once, and it was a great bonding experience (even though the animals we saw that day were deer in an animal sanctuary.) Try to get him to take a day or 2 off of work and take her hunting. That'd be a great gift for her.

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Would she perhaps like a camera? We've had great luck with Canons.

Also, several years ago when my girls were just a little older than 14, they both wanted Ugg boots. I said no way, since I thought it was ridiculous to spend over $100 on a pair of boots for a kid. Well, over 2 Christmases they each received a pair from their godparents. And, honestly, I have to admit that they've been terrific. Like you, we have our share of winter weather here in Massachusetts. The Uggs have worn well, the girls love them and they get used day in and day out for months. A great deal of money, but it seems to be worth it!

And kind of off the wall, but my youngest says the best gift we ever gave her was a small fish tank with 3 - 4 fish. She took great care of them.

Good luck.

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Maybe ask her for a more realistic gift list?
My kids, at that age, have gotten more expensive items they wanted but we just can't go out and buy - ugg boots, ski jackets, namebrand jeans/shoes etc. - is there anything like that you could get?
She's got an ipod, so what about a boombox or alarm clock that she could plug it into?
We bought an inexpensive record player and gave our daughter our old LP albums - she loved it!
Does she like Bath & Body Works stuff? or a certain brand of perfume?
I just bought my son a beautiful new bible, does she need one?
Does she have a favorite sports team? We've bought my son a jacket, a jersey, a hat and other cool items with his favorite team on them.
What about a pass to something? We've bought passes for snowboarding, theme parks and sporting events.
Does her room need a makeover? We bought my son a really nice comforter set last year.
Sewing machine?
Flip Camera?
Her own private phone and/or phone line?
Bicycle? Skateboard? Skates?
Good luck!

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You might want to sit down with her and discuss that the things she wants you not able to afford right now, because otherwise she could end up really disappointed come Christmas morning. Why not just give her some money that she can use to start saving toward an IPod? Or talk with other family members about pooling in together and having the IPod be from everyone?

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I do get that gift cards aren't that exciting to open on Christmas morning, but maybe those can be a suggestion for the grandparents and extended family? Especially to book stores and maybe the iStore to put on her shuffle.

I would say that maybe upgrading her shuffle to a nano might be a good idea...they are more fun and more interactive and although it's not a Touch, it's an improvement.

When I was 14 all I wanted was clothes and smelly soap from Bath and Body Works. I wasn't a very girly girl either, but most girls like their clothes! Even cool shoes, like trendy Pumas or Nike or Ugg boots or something like that that maybe you wouldn't buy as an everyday purchase but are still useful and desired. My mom would take me to a store I liked and I would basically try on everything I liked. Then I would wait outside while my mom picked the things she would buy. So then on Christmas morning it was still a surprise as to what items I actually was compromise at its finest! ;)

My only other suggestion is to basically tell her that her list is not realistic and if she'd like to get something she likes, she better add more to it!

Good luck!


answers from Phoenix on

I would get her several different gift cards if you can stretch a little more and put it in an arrangement in a flower pot with some Vampire fun assessories or skull type things, like a key chain, charm bracelet or something to add in the pot and then hide it for a scavenger hunt that she will have to find from note to note, room to room and make it fun for her to go on an adventure to get too it. Love the idea of money towards something... you can arrange the money in a creative way, I did an umbrella raining money. So if she opened the umbrella it would be full of bills hanging by a string. I have seen many sites that will guide you how to give money in a creative way.



answers from Washington DC on

I am not a fan of gift cards, they scream I didn't know what to buy so I got you this gc, get your own gift.
Why not a bow and arrow set, not a souped up compound bow, but a nice one from the hunting store. My son was 14 when he got his.
A BB gun with targets, wrap them separately, more to open. I think the same son was 15 at that time maybe 16.
Why not the Wii. We own one and the kids have to stand up and fling their arms around. Get Wii Fit, it's fun. They actually have to move.
Fishing tackle, box, and open face flyreel,
What about her own tool set? My girls have their own hammers and wrenches, my hubby loves doing his part for stockings.
Bet she'd like some girly stuff, some lotion and nail polish.
maybe a nice necklace, a simple cross or heart with her birthstone, not over the top but something a little feminine.
Books, books and more books
Soul surfer DVD it's a great movie
camera and photo paper, this is what our soon to be 14 yo is getting as her big gift

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