Need CHEAP EASY Breakfast Ideas for a Big Group

Updated on October 03, 2008
J.R. asks from Greenville, TX
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Hey moms,

I'm going with my church on a getaway weekend in a few weeks and there are about 40 people total going. The group is split up into a 2-3 families in a cabin and each cabin is responible for one of the meals. In my cabin, it's only my family and one other and we've been chosen to do breakfast. I need some ideas for a VERY CHEAP BUT GOOD BREAKFAST. Everything we've come up with adds up money wise...even if we just do cereal that's several gallons of milk and milk being $4 a gallon now quickly adds up. Any ideas would be great!!!!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the ideas. I spoke with the woman/family we're bunking with and me and her agreed that we're just going to pick up donuts. Each family is in charge of bringing their own drinks for the family so we don't have to worry about having milk or juice available for everyone. Plus, with just being 2 of us and the final count being 56 people, we didn't want to have to get up super early! Thanks again!

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I ditto the pancake idea. If someone has an electric griddle you can borrow (or if you have one) take it! You can whip up tons of pancakes in a hurry (use Pam spray!). I add mashed ripe bananas to my pancakes and a splash of vanilla extract...and people go crazy about them! Cook lots of bacon, too, to serve on the side.
If you're feeding that many'll have to spend a little money. Others are spending the same on lunch and dinner, right? I would think those who have the dinner task are spending way more money.

Also...don't know if you have access to an oven. But monkey bread is VERY cheap (just 3 biscuit dough tubes/cinnamon sugar/butter/brown sugar)...but it's just a breakfast bread. I usually serve an egg casserole with it.



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The cheap part is what throws me. How much are you willing to spend? Also, do you have means to cook? You don't mention that in your post. Also, I'm thinking you'll need to provide milk and/or juice anyway if you're completely in charge of the breakfast so that expense will probably be there regardless.

A large bag of sausage biscuits at Sam's or Costco runs about $10 I think. You'd probably need at least 2 or 3 for a group that large though.

There are boxed pastries or donuts you can buy fairly cheaply at the bread stores around town (Mrs. Baird's, Wonder Bread, etc.).

6-7 dozen eggs plus 2 or 3 packages of bacon and a couple of loaves of bread for toast would run about $20. You'd need butter/margarine and jelly probably with something like that and that would be a lot to cook, again, not really knowing if that's an option.

Pancakes are cheap. One big box of bisquick makes a ton of pancakes. You'd need to buy syrup and butter/margarine but that's pretty cheap if you buy the store brand at Walmart for instance. I believe Costco and Sam's have huge packages of breakfast sausages that would go great with pancakes for something like $10 each.

I would say watch for sales the week of your getaway. You may luck out and milk might happen to be on sale that week and you could go with your original idea of cereal. When you're on a tight budget like that, you might just have to wait to see what you can get at a reasonable price between now and then. :-)



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Definitely pancakes are a good way to go. Or you could get bread from Mrs. Bairds thrift store and get some eggs to make french toast. Also, watch for what fruit is on sale that week, and either make a fruit salad, or just serve one or two fruits alone. I agree that you will still need milk and juice, but not as much as if you were doing cereal though. If you have the money, go a head and spring for some breakfast meat, but if not I would not worry about it. I hope you have a great time. ~A.~



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1 lb sausage, browned and drained
16 - 20 oz sharp cheddar cheese spread
(recommended Kraft Old English, but I use Kha?? something from Wal-Mart or Kroger - it comes in a plastic container with a blue lid - 2 containers per recipe)

1 tsp Seasoned salt
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp red pepper (can reduce to make it less spicy)
2 tbsp parmesen cheese
1 stick butter

Mix all ingredients together

2 pkgs english muffins

split muffins and spread sausage mixture on top

broil in oven for 3 - 5 minutes until lightly browned and warm.
makes 24 muffins

sausage mixture can be made up ahead of time and frozen

I used to make it and leave some in fridge for a fast easy breakfast before school.

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