Need Boy Name Ideas! :)

Updated on April 05, 2010
R.A. asks from Marathon, WI
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Alright once again another name question. My husband and I had such a hard time coming up with my son's name that I was 8 months along before we finally agreed! Landen Charles (Charles after husbands dad, and also middle name of my husband) I like the name Logan and my fathers name is Robert so Logan Robert. But my husband hates it! Please help with finding my son a perfect first and middle name. I am open to other middle names also. Honestly my real father was in and out of my life as a child. The name doesnt have to start with an L either. I'v been looking on wesites but it just seems never ending :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

I named my 2 boys Gabriel Young and Gavin Merritt. Young and Merritt happen to be the maiden names of their grandmothers. I've always liked Garrett, Chase, Nathaniel, Caleb, Donovan, Lucas, and Damien for a boys name. Good luck

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answers from Houston on

If you're trying to stick with the "L" names here are a few:

Lance, Lucas, Lawson, Liam.

If you're not committed to an "L" name. My son's are Tyler Robert and Calvin Walker.

Good luck!

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answers from Seattle on

I like the name Mason or Masin so well that I named my little girl Mason(only we spelled it Maysen to make it more girly)

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answers from San Francisco on

What about Robert Logan? That has a nice ring to it and keeps the names you like.

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answers from Boston on

Logan is an airport. Or a guy in a movie from the 70's where people over 30 have to commit suicide. I would stay away too.

Google BabyNameVoyager and check it out, you will have a great time.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

My son (now 11) had 4 boys named Logan in his grade (about 25 boys), so the name is/was definitely popular. Now there is the four Wills on his baseball team (only 12 boys). Again, very popular. Let's see...I think there were 8 or 9 Austins, both boys and girls, at his school (250 students). My son's name is Nicholas (he is a Xmas baby--ie. St. Nicholas) and there are many of that name too, spelled all different and the "nick"names (pun intended) are Nick, Nic, Nicky, Nico. Several Nico's on his football and baseball teams. Also popular are the old testament names: Jeremiah, Isaiah, etc. My son has an ethnic name for his middle name (it was his original birth name) so if he ever gets tired of being the 3rd or 4th Nicholas, then he can be the only Russi. Whatever you decide, it will all work out. I understand that sometimes you have the name completely picked out and something else comes to mind when the baby is born, so you never know!Here are some first names that I like with Robert: Paul, Philip, Aaron, William, Michael, David, Gregory, Daniel, James, John, Jonathan, Bruce, Brian, Donald, Randall, Steven, Timothy, Christopher.
Good luck & Congratulations!

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answers from Seattle on

I am one of those parents who wants something unique/uncommon, but not crazy and has a great meaning. The meaning of the name is a big deal to me. It changes your perspective of the name also. My husband wanted something spanish and middle name was already going to be after his father. Our son's name is Mateo Robert. Mateo is spanish for Matthew which means A Gift From God. We fell in love with his name after reading what it meant. Robert means Bright Fame... I like to think of it as a bright future :) A pretty good website with origins and meanings of names is I hope this helps you out, because ultimately you and your husband can only come up with the perfect name for your little one. Let us know what you guys decide!

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answers from Charlotte on

Robert Henry
Charles Lee (nick name Charlee)
Landon O'Keith
Logan O'Keith

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answers from Chicago on

my grandsons name is ayden hunter. hunter would go with logan either as first or second. someone else mentioned liam. love that name its my other grandson lol.



answers from Minneapolis on

I like Sandy S's suggestions...very normal, some of them used to be very popular but not as much anymore. Good solid ones.
I also like Sarah P's suggestion of Vincent Robert or Robert James and I love the name Arthur [although I was hoping no one would ever think of that name because if I have another son he may be an Arthur!]
Some ideas that come to my mind are Edwin Robert, Frank Robert, Samuel Robert, Seth Robert, Robert Luther, Stanley Robert, Robert Edgar, Curtis Robert
If you end up using Robert in there somehow, you could call him Bobby and that would be so cute!


answers from Detroit on

Kiel pronounced Kyle


answers from Boca Raton on

I like different names.. My son's name is Banyan James... I also like Bryson, Braydon, Canon, Legend, Miles. Logan is a very common name now.. My son goes to school with 1 girl and 1 boy name Logan... GOOD LUCK!!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I don't like the name Logan, either, so I sympathize with your husband... Here are some that I like. :)
Also, what about using your maiden name (which still honors your father) as your son's middle name? Or your father's middle name? Or one of your grandfathers names? That gives you another way to honor your family without having to use "Robert" if your husband hates that name.

Here are some I like that use the name "Robert" in them...
Robert Bennett
Robert Cole
Robert Aiden
Robert James
Vincent Robert

Other names I like that aren't related to anything... :)

And my personal favorite, which is what I wanted to name my daughter had she been a boy, Owen Augustus.

Good luck!



answers from Fort Wayne on

have you ever looked into your family tree?? or your husband's? we found our daughters name Sydney Clair from my husbands fathers family tree. Sydney being his fathers great grandmother and Clair for my grand mother and my maiden name sinclair yes my grandmother became Clare Sinclair. just a thought. good luck



answers from New York on

Charles Luke
Luke Charles
Cole Luke are my all time favorite names. when i thought i was pregnant with twins, and we thought they were boys we were going to name them Luke and Cole.
:) I have Z and M instead :)



answers from Seattle on

I like Landon. Logan is too popular, and growing up with a name no one could spell or pronounce (T.) I beg people not to misspell a name just to make it "unique"! Our boy middle name is Leland, that's my grandpas middle name. I say you both make a list of ten and see if any are the same, or pick a favorite from each others list for the first and middle name. Remember too how important it is to sound good with the last name, those are said together far more than the first and middle are!



answers from Dallas on

MY son's name is Jex Lucas. I also like Jasper, Elliott, Braylen, Tate, Sailer, Finn, Cy, Major, Memphis, Kane, Jameson.



answers from Des Moines on

Went through the same thing many years ago. I finally decided on Cody Richard (Richard was my dad, brother, and boyfriend's first name). After all that since all where sure I was having a boy I didn't worry about a girl's name. Of course I had a girl. Really went all out on that one since I didn't have a name picked for a girl I reverted to a name I had liked many years before and even though I keep looking I have not found another Tranquillity (Jo). Good luck and congratulation on your newest addition.



answers from New London on

Why not robert for a first name? Thomas Robert? Joshua robert? Tyler Robert? Don't name him Logan if your husband hates it. Robert James. William Robert.


answers from Omaha on

Lucas Michael or Robert
Cameron Michael
Cameron James
Payton Robert
Peyton Robert


answers from Baton Rouge on

We are naming our son Micaiah Eliot. We LOVE that name, always have!

Good luck.



answers from Peoria on

Caleb Tyler...just a name I like:) Hope it helps!



answers from Minneapolis on

Leo is one that I like.

It's most important that you and your husband agree.



answers from Omaha on

Do you or your husband like any particular sport? The reason that I ask is because two of the guys that I worked with named their kids from their favorite sport. For instance the name Landry, I really like that name its good for a boy or a girl even if it was the last name of the Dallas Cowboys Football Coach. I lot of people choose Garret but one of my favorite NASCAR drivers last name is Jarrett, that too, to me is a good name. My sister always wanted to have a boy and name him Bryer Owen. I tend to lean towards names that are not common but not silly either. I hope that this helps. Maybe you could gear his name to be like yours. My dads' cousin, her name is Geraldean, my dads' name id Dean Jerald, so I think that its possible. There is always Bobby. Or maybe Logan Rae.



answers from Victoria on

Me & my husband couldn't agree either. He wanted Chance or Rowdy. I wanted Kolby Wyatt. We agreed on Kalen. Best of luck!



answers from Boise on

Does he have any suggestions of his own? I hate the No, No, No's if they aren't offering any up themselves.

My son is named after my husband's great grandfather, but he hated my family's name as a possibility for our next child. Sooo, we bought 100,000 baby names and I read through it and made a list of the names I liked, then he did the same. (We did this separately for boy and girl names since we don't know what we are having, and didnt' want to get stuck on one gender and ignore the other.) Then we compared and vetoed. We did luck out with middle names, because it is his family's tradition that the sons have the father's first name as their middle name. As long as he is okay with Robert, you can look at names from that perspective too, and don't forget the nicknames.

Then the negotiations start. I held onto my family name until the end, he held on to a name he liked (doesn't sound good with our first son), but he did also like a name from my list that surprised me. I said that if he was willing to go with that name, I would let go of my family name.

So add Logan to your list, and just know when it is in your best interest to let go of it. :)



answers from Tulsa on

I have always liked devin and austin but we couldn't use austin on number 2 that was his brothers name. I have always liked aaron too. I like the odd names though. We named our youngest storm and my oldest son is coalton.
Storm wasn't actually named till he was born. we didn't decide until the last minute.



answers from Indianapolis on

I'd recommend going to the Social Security Administration's website and looking-up names by gender.

Just type "Popular Baby Names" into Google, and it's usually the first link that comes-up.

We used it not to find names, but to confirm that our choices were not popular. We didn't want our kid being the 8th Aiden in his class because it was a popular name that year.

We honestly changed some of our names because what we'd considered was SO popular, and we wanted something unique.



answers from Madison on

This reminded me of Robert Langdon :-)



answers from Dubuque on

This is my son's name and he is going to be 14 in September and his name is not a popular name for a boy and you never hear it. I work w/ a lady and she is originally from Northern Wisconsin and her brother and nephew have the same name it is not a common name for boy but very unique. Where I am from I have only heard it once and that was recently at the store this 2 yr old little boy had the same name. I was so surprised and they were too when approached them about it, they had said they wanted something different and unique and it is. My son's name is Blayre Allen, I spelled it Blayre instead if Blair to make it different and it is b/c he being a boy. His dad is actually the one that came up w/ Blayre and Allen was his name. It completely fits him too! He likes his name and he is a teenager, he likes that no one has it, but too he says everyone knows who my parents are b/c of my name! I tell him b/c it is not common honey!

Maybe you will use this name, it is different and unique and sounds good for a boy.

Good Luck!

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