Need Booger Advice :)

Updated on November 23, 2009
A.B. asks from Navarre, FL
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I guess this is kind of gross, but Mommies are used to dealing with boogers, right?

My nearly-three-year-old daughter recently started producing ALOT of boogers, and they are BROWN. Should I be worried? Why would they be brown? She's not acting sick in any other way, her nose doesn't seem to be clogged, really, and she doesn't have a sore throat, or even headaches. Feel free to start any response with "Ewwwwww...."

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So What Happened?

Alright, sooooo....the boogies were brown for several days. Then they turned from greenish to clearish, and got very running. She's been sneazing and stuffy and grumpy for a few days now, which is what I get like when my allergies act up in the spring. I've never had brown boogies--but I also don't experience allergy issues in the fall. Anyway, I didn't take her to a pediatrician (we don't really have one yet,) but everything seems to be clearing up now. I had never experienced baby allergies. Wowzers.

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answers from Pensacola on

My boys get tons of brown boogies when they have been playing outside and have thrown dirt or sand in the air then inhaled it.
Best of luck,

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answers from Miami on

Best answer is for you to call your pediatrician and ask the nurse about this situation.
You may want to check the house for allergens: bedding, cleaning products, pets, foods, a/c filter...the list can go on forever.
Good luck, dear



answers from Orlando on

Something is making it brown-- "normal" snot is clear-- once there is a color, it's an infection.



answers from Jacksonville on

Ewwwww......LOL :) It's normal and will pass. It could be caused by weather change, a slight virus, dirt (ewwwwww!!!!) or any number of things, but it's very common, no worries :) Welcome home!



answers from Tampa on


It could be alergies. I know that when my sons alergies start messing with him he ends up with the same crusty boogies you are talking about. Try to give her a few days of Claratin for children. They make the chewables that she can have one a day of and they taste realy good. Can't hurt to try.

Also, I do the claratin because I know if I don't do anything when I notice this little symptom, that they end up with a sinus infection. Remember, sinus infections can show no signs what so ever as it is compacted inside.

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck!



answers from Milwaukee on ewwwws from me, I have a 6 year old and a 6 month old, and I think that having a baby brings back all the ewws that could possibly happen =)

cold be a couple things...pollutants, or a start of a sinus infection.

This is what I found of wikipedia

If you're not coughing this up too, then this indicates a well-progressed nasal or sinus infection, possibly with some occult blood in the mucous, giving it that tobacco color. This, being an infection, is beyond the realm of over-the-counter nasal sprays, although flushing with saline might not hurt. Consider seeing a doctor for antibiotics.

I'd call her pediatrician or take her into urgent care before it turns into something really nasty...but JMO GOOD LUCK!!



answers from Miami on

Brown seems like old dried blood perhaps. Take him in and get it checked. He also could have developed allergies to foods.



answers from Jacksonville on like her mucus membranes are doing exactly what they are supposed to....trapping dirt before it enters the system. Need more info...are we talking snot...or dried boogies...if it were snot..and a lot of it..I'd be more inclined to think sinusitis...but that is typically an army green color.



answers from Boca Raton on

Eeewwwwwwwww! I don't know that I would have it in me to ask that question. But since you did, here's an idea. Boogers that kids have, other than when they get sick, are usually just dust and junk in the air they breath... getting caught in the tiny nose hairs. A buildup of this dust.... along with normal nasal mucas that we all have... well it becomes a booger. It is not abnormal. Because your child is able to feel something in there.... she is likely to go in there and get it.... and gross Mommy out. Here's a plan. Spring clean her room and her play areas. If she sits on the couch to watch TV.. vacuume the couch too. The less dust she gets in there.... the less she will pull out. (and yes, dust is brown sometimes).

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