Need Baby Shower Songs

Updated on July 24, 2010
J.G. asks from Knoxville, TN
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I'm planning a baby shower for my brother and sister-in-law. They are having a boy (they already have a two-year-old daughter). I would like to burn a CD with "baby" songs. So far I have: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, If I Could See the World (through the Eyes of a Child) by Patsy Cline, Baby Baby by Amy Grant, Baby Mine from Dumbo and These Are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs. Any suggestions for others to add?

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So What Happened?

Thanks so much for the great suggestions. I used several from your responses and found a few more on my own. The mom-to-be loves the CD and the guests took them away as gifts of their own. Several ladies have told me they have listened to it over and over & it reminds them of when they were going through the wonderful experience of having a baby. If any of you are in the shower-planning role, I highly recommend a CD as a guest favor.

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How about Forever Young by Rod Stewart and My Wish by Rascal Flats?

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I'm not sure what type of music you're going for (fun, sentimental, etc) But here are a few off the top of my head:
Smash Mouth - "Can't get enough of you, baby"
Frankie Valli's - "Can't take my eyes off of you"
Black Eyed Peas - "Hey, Mama!" (for something fun & diff)
Creed - "With arms wide open"

What a good idea! I'll have to remember this for future baby showers that I throw!! Thanks and good luck! =0)



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I LOVE the song Beautiful Boy by John Lennon. Also, my 4 yr old falls asleep to Black Bird every night by the Beatles.



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If you have availability (it is free) then you could search out songs with "baby" or child. Also Billy Dean sings "Let them be Little"'s a very sweet song. There are several artists who have honored their kids with songs. Oh and that song "Just like you" by I think rhett aikens...and there is a Wayne Watson song that is about his boys.



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Here's the CD I created (I wanted songs that were actually about being a parent or the parent child relationship as opposed to songs with "baby" in them since most of the time in pop and rock songs "baby" means lover, not a child, and the songs often have a very sexual, but not really the tone I was looking for) Anyway, here's what I came up with:

Isn't She Lovely - (written by S. Wonder, performed by Livingston Taylor)
Show Me - The Pretenders (Chrissie Hynde wrote for her daughter Nathalie)
Lullabye - The Dixie Chicks
Beautiful Boy - John Lennon (written for son Sean)
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) - Billy Joel
Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a wonderful World - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
The Moon is Made of Gold - Rickie Lee Jones (a song her Dad used to sing to her --- I heard her perform at the Hollywood Bowl)
St. Judy's Comet - Paul Simon (written to his son Harper)
There There Child - Van Morrison (this one was a stretch but I had to fit Van in somehow, surprised not to find one a little more relevant from him but it's a fun one.)
Kooks - David Bowie (written for son Zowie)
I am a Child - Neil Young (also a stretch but I wanted to fit Neil in, keep thinking there must be a better song from him that would work.)
Father and Son - Cat Stevens (great song)
Wild Girl - Rickie Lee Jones (written to daughter Charlotte for her 21st birthday)
Forever Young - (the classic by Dylan) as covered by the Pretenders. I like Dylan's voice but many don't and this is a lovely version.

I tried to include great, heartfelt songs, and stay away from the overly sentimental. My husband loved the cd and continues to play it on a weekly basis since the shower so I consider it a success. Other people's online suggestions helped me here so I had to share.



answers from Fresno on

Baby Boy: Beyonce
Moby - Find My Baby
Eels - Baby Genius
Sweet baby james- James Taylor
Baby Mine from Disney's Dumbo
Paul Simon - Mother and Child Reunion
The Impressions - Talking About My Baby
Buddy Holly - Rock-a-bye Baby
Big Momma Thorton - Rock-a-bye Baby
Yellow, by Coldplay,
Beautiful Boy, by John Lennon
Cat Stevens: Father and Son
Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns n' Roses/Sheryl Crow
XTC - "Pink Thing
Amy Grant - Baby Baby
Kooks" by David Bowie
Pony Boy - Bruce Springsteen



answers from Chattanooga on

"My Prayer" Reba McEntire.
"We're Having a Baby" Desi Arnaz
"You'll Be in my Heart" Phil COllins
"All the Tings You Are" Oscar Hammerstein
"Little Baby" Buddy Holly
"Baby" Os Mutante
"Having My Baby" Paul Anka
"By Your Side" Sade
"In a Real Life" Phil Vassar
"Two Pink Lines" Eric Church
"You're Gonna Be" Reba McEntire
"I Wanna Pick You Up" Beach Boys
"Things We've Handed Down" Marc Cohn

That's all I have right off the top of my head!



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I love "The first time ever I saw your face" By Roberta I felt with all 5 of mine.



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The CD by Celine Dion, "Miracle" has a song called Baby Boy & some other really pretty songs.

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