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Updated on December 13, 2007
M.F. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I am looking to buy my 5 year old son a video game or electronic learing system for Christmas. I could use some advise on some of the systems out there ie: Leapster or LMax Leapster or any others. I would like something that has different games that my son could learn from. Thank you in advance for your advise!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you to everyone for all the great advise. My son has never played a video game before so I think that I will start with the Leapster. I also read comments about the Leapster LMax that states it is grainy on the TV so I will not get that one.

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We bought our son the regular Leapster and he loves it. He is not much of vidoe game kind of kid butreally enjoys the Leapster. It is nice because it is educational and the games are age appropriate.



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We have both the leapster handheld and the vsmile hand held for our two girls. we bought them last year and the leapster already has issues with the screen, it doesn't want to work right sometimes which is very frustrating to the kids as they play it. They have always since we bought it fought over vsmile. It has games that are educational. They really like that one more than the leapster.



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We have a Leapster that we got when our older dd was 5. She used it for less than a year and then gave it to our younger dd who was 4 at the time. While our older dd loved it, she outgrew it too fast. We are getting her a Gameboy for Christmas. With both systems, we were looking for a handheld game only, not something that connects to the tv as well.



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My daughter got the Vsmile for xmas last year and has maybe played it 10x that's it. She's also never really been into video games either though. We both have a hard time figuring some of the games out it's not hard but not really user friendly some of her games. I guess I wouldn't recommend it.

We also have a "Barbie" laptop all educational games and things and that's another one that just doesn't get used.

Now I have gameboy advance for myself and she has had alot more interest in that and has figured that out. We play memory match,candyland etc., on the gameboy all the time. There is some educational games for gameboy.

So I guess I'd go with a Gameboy, I've never heard a kid not liking a gameboy. But if your really set on more traditional educational go with LeapFrog Brand.



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My daughter loved her leapster and yes, once she got a gameboy she basically quit playing with it, but she still occasionally uses it. Her little sister is now using it and loves it. I liked it because of the math & spelling games that most of the games have in them. The games go from grades pre-K up to like 4th grade so I still buy games for my oldest to play and she does for a while. She seems to switch between the leapster and gameboy depending on her mood that day.

In regards to the leapster versus the lmax leapster, the added bonus to the lmax is that you can plug it into a tv for a bigger screen which is nice. Gives them the feeling of playing the 'big kids video games.' The cartridges work in either unit.



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My son (4) got a leapster l-max (the one that hooks up to the tv) for his birthday and he loves it. He has some of the learning games for pre-k. The ones that teach drawing, letters, and numbers. He also has the v-tech smile, but hardly ever used that one. It is so convenient to sit and use the hand held game versus the system that hooks up to the tv.

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