Need Advice! Possibly Quitting My Job...

Updated on July 10, 2009
J.B. asks from Nashville, TN
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Hello! So I've always been hard working and enjoy everything that work involves. Then, I had my son last year which changed everything for me. I went back to work after 3 months of leave and all I can think about is how much I want to be with him, teaching him things and caring for him. My heart is completely at home with him. I haven't been happy with my company for a while and have been looking for new opportunities and every prospect I have seems to fall through for various reasons. I can't help but take this as a sign that maybe I'm supposed to be home with my son. My husband just got a raise so we'll be financially stable, however we won't be able to do many of the things we enjoy now. He's very supportive of me staying home and raising our son. And my family always comes first. However, this is very scary for me. I've never not worked and I'm scared that I'll lose my adult interaction and my business friends. I plan to return to work once my kids are in school (we're planning to try for another one soon) and am worried about how difficult returning to the work place would be. I would love any advice from you moms out there as this is the biggest professional decision I've ever had to make. Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the advice! I definitely received some good perspective on this. Well, I have decided to stay at home with my son. I plan to finish out the year at my job and start the new year off at home. I'm really excited about this decision. I know it's going to be tough at times, but I have a supportive husband and good friends so I think we'll be just fine. And it turns out that I'm also 7 weeks pregnant! What timing! That will present it's own challenges I'm sure, but I'm ready to take it on.

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I too worked until my first was in 1st grade and my 2nd came along. I missed all of his firsts. I didn't want to miss out on my dughters life. We now have 4 children and I have not gone back to work except for part time here and there at the mall to supplement when things got tight and only when my husband was at home with the children.
My first day home with my now 13 year old daughter I remember just looking at her and saying "What do I do now?" It took a while to adjust being at home but I wouldn't trade it for anything.
You will have to cut out some things but not everyone needs to have every new toy on the market, or tool in the shed or electronic. You can make it work.

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A couple things. :)

1.) with the economy as is, several people are loosing jobs right and left. Just make sure his job is really stable and you could get yours back if needed.

2.) I am staying home now after teaching. There are plenty of adult interacting things you can do. I am rarely sitting at home (except to do email, laundry, and dishes.) I could give you a list, but there are so many mommy and kid things; it is great!... well, I guess as long as you live close to a city....

3.) My only thing, the money. I find myself never able to buy things now b/c we are making enough to cover our means but that is it. Before, I was always able to just buy whatever I wanted...within reason of course! But, I hate it that I haven't bought a new sweater in over a year!

4.) Also like you said family comes first. I have to remember 'things' don't make a bit of difference in this world. So what is MOST most important? :)

Hope this helps.

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When we talked about me staying home with my daughter, I first thought, how are we going to do it? But after we looked at the finances and realized it could be a reality, we both felt very at peace with the decision. If you make the effort, you can keep tabs with your business friends by going out some nights, email, phone calls, etc. Playgroups do offer adult interaction. I would make sure that you give proper notice at your job so you get recommendations in the future. May be a good idea to get your bosses personal info in case he leaves the company. I've been very happy with my decision, and I wish you the best with your decision.

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I have a 14 year old girl, a 10 year old step daughter, and a 3 year old. I worked very hard during most of my 14 year old's life. I was climbing the corporate ladder, as a single mother. I missed so much time with her. I am still a working mother (married now to a great husband) but I don't want to miss the same with my 3 year old and I want to be there for my 10 year old. I can't not work, but I am on a "mission" to become a full time Mary Kay rep. I wanted more flexibility (although my job right now is pretty flexible and I love my bosses) but I want to work my own ours and still make good money. Something like this is always an option as well. Pray about it and do what's best for all of you.

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I am new to mamasource and know I'm a little late to respond to your concerns, but wanted to post.
First of all congratulations on your decision to stay home with your son and secondly on your news of your pregnancy, hope everything goes well.
I wanted to share my home based business with you. I am a marketing exec for a wellness company with exceptional products. This allows me to stay home and be involved with my son and school activities. I would love to share my information with you at your convenience. Here is one of my websites, If you would like more info, just fill out the request form and I will get in touch with you. We have exceptional products at reasonable prices and 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. No Risk.
Whatever you decide, I wish you luck and much happiness.

J. S



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iknow this is late, but I wanted to tell you about my home business. I have it through Arbonne International. I've seen my mother and my cousin flourish in this company, financially taking care of their husbands and kids! It's a great business to be a part of and our team is very helpful and supportive of each other. If you would like to take a look, and we have a live call on Wednesday nights with our National VP, Tammy Clinton. She discusses the business side of Arbonne and takes questions. My cousin and I worked full time while doing Arbonne about 20 hours a month, until we made as much as we did working out of the home! I have teams that I still work and support in Texas, Connecticut, Washington state, and North Carolina. Just let me know if you have any questions [email protected] Best of luck and congrats on the little one!



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You are absolutely right, you can never get the time you miss with your child, and it is wonderful to stay home with him. Money comes and goes, but if you can afford the SAHM lifestyle, do it, you'll never regret it.

If you are interested in health and nutrition, check out and learn about VEMMA. Its a fantastic nutritional program with an great compensation plan. The product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a team of people to help you build a business as big as you wish.



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Hello J..

I am also 28 years of age and with 4 children. I am a stay home mom and working on my Avon career. You can visit my website to learn more. There are many direct selling companies out there if you are looking to work from home.
With Avon, I'm pleased to be a part of this company because they look out for their representatives. Such programs as a
401k, College savings plan for you or your child, scholarship programs, Health, Dental, & vision plans. Did I mention many opportunities to earn an extra income. This is not a sales pitch or a get rich quick scheme. I have been in Avon since 2005 and although it may take a while to find what works best within your daily schedule, you can do this at home part time until you find what works for you and your family.

Avon has a variety of products and you don't have to "sell"
Start with family, friends, current co-workers (before you quit or keeping in contact with them). Show them the Avon brochure and you will be suprise of how many people you connect with.

or visit: and watch the "opportunity for you" video. You can decide...
"Where a $10 investment can make a difference"

J. - No obligations... just a better smile.



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have you thought about babysitting in your home that way you could be with your baby and still have additional income to do the things you enjoy. everyone needs childcare.



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As I have been out of the work force for 5 years now, and am trying to get back in, I do have "professional references" that I am still friendly with who are willing to be references. It would help, though, if you could get actual letters from your supervisors that you could save in a file for when the time comes. (Maybe print several copies, and ask them to sign them in blue ink or something). It would probably help as well if you could keep a toe in the business, like working just a few hours a week or consulting. I'm finding it challenging to get back in, since there's such a gap in my resume. I wouldn't trade the time I have had at home, and it will work out however it is meant to, as I put the effort in.

You can certainly get by financially. I have discovered Dave Ramsey since moving here, and the stories people call in with on the radio are amazing. Check him out at

You can google "MOMS" groups in your area (or go to, or find other play groups in order to have adult interactions and play mates and people to potentially trade babysitting with. It is nice to hang on to your work friends too, and they can be great contacts in the industry.

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