Need Advice on Wills, Poa, Etc as Well as Life Insurance

Updated on July 26, 2009
C.C. asks from Littleton, CO
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hi mom's,

i have started looking into life insurance for my husband and i as well as how to do a will. it is all so overwhelming so i thought i'd as you all for advice, guidance, good websites, your experiences etc. i need to get a handle on what would be a solid legal will and who is a safe and reputable company for life insurance (do i use a broker or online or what?). we are looking at term life for 20-30 yrs and are in pretty good health. as for the will, it would be basic (we don't have properties or lots of valuable stuff and money) we do have 1 child and hope to have another. any help or guidance is appreciated!

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Hi C.,

I actually work for a company that helps families with these matters. You can shoot me an email and we can chat more about it. My personal address is




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My husband will come and do a free presentation and analysis about how to save money while having the right amount and kind of insurance. Give him a call at ###-###-####. His name is Stephen Mann.



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C., it's SO great that you're thinking about this! Many people do not plan for their family like this. My husband and I did term life insurance and our agent (John Baer with State Farm) was fabulous. He actually does most of our insurance for us - easy-going, no pressure, comes to your home. We had a basic will drawn up that would address care for our daughter and how personal belongings and money would be handled should something happen to both of us. We chose a couple and a backup couple as her caregivers, too. I believe there is a legal referral network through the internet. I just used a lawyer who is also a financial guy, for my folks, and he was great - his name is Jim (James) Morgan, and he's also great like John Baer was for us.



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Make sure you name a guardian for your child(ren). Honorary titles like "Godparents" are not legal contracts. Do not let the courts decide who gets your children, if something happens to you.

When selecting guardians, keep in mind that bad habits get worse over time. If they're drinkers, for example, they WILL drink more and more as the years go by.



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Hi C.,
Rates are the rates with insurance companies and many insurance agents do not charge any extra to do the comparison shopping for you. Commissions are built into the product. However, insurance shopping can be very confusing and you need to make sure you are buying with a solid company and that any term policy has good conversion options.

Also, you want someone to really shop around for you based on any health issues you might have. You might get a lower rating with one company than another since the underwriting guidelines differ. Online quoting engines typically will give you the very best health class rating rates which can be surprising once you actually get the real rates.

I'm a licensed independent (means I can shop all the top carriers for you versus trying to make you fit into a certain product) insurance agent and would be happy to help you figure it out and look at some numbers.

Pre-Paid Legal Services would be a perfect solution to get your wills, living wills and durable powers of attorneys done. Family plans start as low as $17 per month (no contracts, but once you know the power you won't want to be without it). Beyond getting your wills done there is so much power in knowing your rights and getting your questions answered without having to check your wallet. To learn more watch I can give you the info necessary to enroll. They also have the best ID Theft Shield I've found too.

Please email me your questions and I'll be happy to help with either.

Good luck.



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Hi C.,
For wills we see Joseph Morris in downtown Denver. He's a good attorney and a good human being.
I worked for a while in a life insurance broker's office and my experience taught me that going with a broker is the best way to get the best rate for your particular needs and health level. A good broker will walk you through it all, answer all your questions and be very transparent. I wouldn't go online for life insurance.
Good luck!

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