Need Advice on Weaning from Breast-pumping

Updated on November 02, 2006
E.M. asks from Carrollton, TX
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I've been back at work since my son was six weeks old, so I have pumped exclusively since then (no direct breastfeeding.) He's now four months old, and I have to have breast surgery so have been advised to wean him onto formula. I have gotten down to only pumping twice a day (morning and night), but how do I completely stop the milk production? How long should it take me to completely dry up? What should I expect? Any advice would be great. Thanks!!

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answers from Dallas on

Sounds like you're on the right track! I did exactly what you're doing when I weaned after going back to work. I'd drop the evening pumping next, wait 3 days, then drop the morning one. Keep the pump handy at work in case it gets painful. You can pump just to relieve the pain/pressure, but no more. Advil can help with the pain, but sounds like you've done a good job of gradual weaning, so you may not experience major pain or engorgement. I didn't. For the first day or two after dropping that last one I had to pump a couple times just to relieve some uncomfortableness, but that was it. If you don't have cold cabbage leaves, a bag of frozen peas will do.

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you can try taking benadryl, the antihistamine can help to dry up your milk as well, and then use cold cabbage leaves during the normal times of breastfeeding, or wait until the weekend and wear the cold green cabbage leaves during the day for the weekend, changing them when they get warm and pounding out the leaf spine to make it flatter and release the alkaloids that seem to effect your breastmilk.

I hope this helps,
K. Willis Rn, IBCLC

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I waited until the weekend and stopped on a Saturday, stayed home and if I felt let down, jumped in the shower. The heat helped with let down. Over two days, I didn't get as full. I dried up in about a week. Not much pain, some leaking at night. I dreaded this, but turned out pretty smooth. Good luck.

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Cabbage leaves work really well. Just place one in each cup of your bra. I know it sounds weird but it works and is the least painful way.

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