Need Advice on Great Bunk Beds

Updated on November 26, 2012
S.C. asks from Keller, TX
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Hi mamas,
My kiddos have decided they want bunk beds. There are so many beds out there at a variety of prices & since most are online, I would rather have one that is mama-approved before ordering. I would rather not spend $1000 on it in case they change their minds, but I want it to be good quality. It seems most can convert into 2 twin beds which is a nice feature. I would just love some recommendations.

Thanks so much in advance!

Also, definitely want wood & twin over twin.

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answers from New York on

Personally dead set against bunk beds. Very dangerous. My boys wanted them, but my husband and I agreed no way. Too many stories of someone falling with outcomes that were not good. Don't mean to put a damper on things, just being honest.

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answers from Chicago on

How old are your kids, and how high is your ceiling? Bunk beds always look great in the showroom, because the sky is the limit at the store. In your own house, your kid might not even be able to sit up in bed without hitting his head on the ceiling.

I bought a cheap bunk bed from Ikea for my daughter. I was hoping that my son would want to take the bottom bunk, but it turns out that the kids hate each other and don't want to share a room ;-)

So my daughter still has the bunk bed, but the bottom bunk without the mattress is the floor. She now has her Barbie doll house and other toys down there, and she has much more space in her tiny bedroom to play.

The nice thing about the Ikea bunk bed is that is is not very high off the ground. Even if she fell from the top bunk, she wouldn't fall more than four feet. And you can buy a cool tent for the top that turns it into a canopy bed and helps prevent the kid from falling over the side. The bed can also be flipped upside down to become just a regular twin bed frame.

I love those big bunk bed or loft systems with the staircases and bookshelves, but they are very expensive (around $3000), and they take up so much space. Sometimes Costco carries these for around $1000, but you still have to buy the mattresses. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

Hi don't know if you know about the website zulily .com but right now they have awesome furniture. Beautiful wooden bunk bed. Check it out.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Sorry, I cannot just chose to not answer this with a warning.

My childhood friend lost her elementary school aged son when he was on the top bunk and misplaced his hand and fell off. He was not roughhousing or playing. She was right there and saw it all. He simply missed the mattress and fell off, hit his head, and died.

Bunk beds are the most dangerous item you will put in your kids room. So my advice is don't do it at all.

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answers from St. Louis on

My son has the powder finished metal frame with the full sized futon. He loves it because when he has friends over they have it to sit on and play video games but then it folds out to sleep.

You have to check the bolts every six months but then you should do that with wood beds as well.

I love the built in ladder on both sides because they no longer trip on the ladder sticking out. We used to have the stacked wood bunks.

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answers from New York on

My sister and I grew up with bunk beds. Yes kids can be wreckless and accidents can happen. I did fall head first off the top bunk into out toy barrell and got stuck. Mom was right there watching me struggle to get out. She had warned me about fooling around and I didn't listen. Lesson learned.

My closest first cousin also had a bunk bed. He slept on the top bunk and never had any problems.

I don't know if you have a Bob's furniture store near you but they have the most affordable and stylish bunk beds around. My second store of choice would be Ikea. I got my son's metal loft bed from there and he loved it. He was much older (already a teen ager) when we got it and he used it for about 4 years before we decided to do something different.

Here are two styles from Bob's:


answers from Chicago on

I have always been afraid to get bunk beds. My boys share a very small bedroom and even though bunk beds would be a space saver, my gut tells me to NOT get them. My SIL recently offered her son's bunk bed to us and we turned her down. I have visions of someone falling, or someone tying a belt or rope to them and getting strangled. I couldn't deal with that worry.


answers from Nashville on

I love my little guy's staircase bunkbeds!!! They do not convert to 2 twin beds, but I feel like they are safer for him (he's only 4). He doesn't have to try to negotiate a ladder in the middle of the night if he has to potty (He loves sleeping on the top bunk!)

We got ours for $400. We just had to supply our own mattresses and bunkie boards. My husband just cut plywood to fit instead of the bunkie boards. Google staircase bunkbeds and look around by you.



answers from Dallas on

Hi there,
I got my kiddos IKEA bunk beds. I went to the website so I could send you a link, but looks like they don't have their set.

They are a ladder bed, super nice finished wood. Light enough to match everything and were under $300!

Since you are in Keller, take the time to drive up to Frisco to check it out.

PS. I love the bunk beds and my oldest has been in some style of loft/bunk bed since he was 3.5 years old. :)



answers from Provo on

I bought the Bunkhouse brand at RCWilley in February and we are loving them. We got a twin over twin bunk and a matching twin loft over dresser drawers and shelves. The bunk can convert into two beds. They are sturdy and quiet. We had squeaky metal bunks for years. The metal ones were almost like having a jungle gym in the house, which was awesome for my boys. But I just could not stand the squeaking any more. The family I gave them to said that they were sure the squeaking would be solved by using rubber washers, but I never did find out if that worked for them. Here is the link to my post about it in February.



answers from Dallas on

Mom's bunk house ###-###-####....This company is run by a woman at my church... Great stuff... hope it works out for you.



answers from Raleigh on

I got ours at BJs for about $300. Nice finish and sturdy. It can be converted to two twin beds.



answers from Cleveland on

i would look into the ones that have two full beds if oyu have the room this way there is room for them to grow with the bed. and they still come apart. i also would look at WOOD bunk beds, they are more durable then the metal ones BUT more expensive but i think the wood full size bunk beds would work GREAT for your situation incase they want to be removed

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