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Updated on April 27, 2008
J.R. asks from Camp Hill, PA
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Hi ladies,
I have a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old. I'd like to be able to go shopping or go for walks without the older child complaining. She is not a big fan of walking for more than a short distance. She is also tall - a little over 41 inches and weighs 38 pounds. Can anyone suggest a stroller for both my girls? I'd love to have one that my baby car seat can click into since the little one is so young.


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answers from Pittsburgh on


We have the joovy caboose and we're really happy with it. Shop around for best price but here is the item
The maneuverability is excellent. I can easily steer with one hand.

Good luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Try looking at the Sit and Stand (LX). I bought one on Craig's List for $80 and its great. I only have 1 child who is a toddler now, but we want to have another and the sit and stand has the capability to hold an infant seat (clicks right in) in the front, while the toddler rides behind, either sitting or standing.. My son gets a kick out of it.

You can try getting it on consignment at (store is in Lansdale), Butterflies and Bullfrogs or there's another place off 63 (main street) and north wales.

You can find them at target and other department stores too.

Good Luck,




answers from Philadelphia on

I had a graco front to back double stroller for my twins. You can use it with one car seat and sit the heavier kid in the front. This would work well for you so your older daughter can see out and you can have the infant closer to you. It was called the duo glider. Be aware though that I have tried several variations of double strollers and they all are a little cumbersome to maneuver. good luck!



answers from Pittsburgh on

The One Step Ahead catalog has a great sit n stand stroller! If my memory serves me is around $150.00. They have some wonderful products and their quality is great.



answers from Philadelphia on

I love my Joovy Caboose Ultralight. It's a sit and stand model, but is very light and extremely maneuverable. I got mine at, but they are available in many places.



answers from Augusta on

i have the same question



answers from Philadelphia on

I love love love my joovy caboose ultralight. We walk in our neighborhood a bunch and go to the park, as well as the mall and other stroller necessary spots. My children are now 10 mo and 2.5 yrs and it has served us well since the youngest was itty bitty in a carrier. I have found it easier to steer than my friends Sit N' Stand models and less cumbersome than a side by side. My oldest feels so empowered when he can look over his younger sister's head while standing in back; and he also loves how he can sit and play with a toy while he has my "full" attention (AND he can't reach his sister's toys/juice/snack in the front!). I still use a front carrier a lot as well, but sometimes you just need a break! ; )
The joovy is available from Babies R' Us and other local stores, so you don't have to worry about shipping costs - and sometimes you can use a store coupon or catch a sale.

Good Luck!!!



answers from Melbourne on

I had found the best was a side by side double stroller. Graco used to make them. The car seat would click in one side, while your 3 1/2 year old could sit on the other. The front and back double strollers seem to be heavier and harder to handle. While the strollers with a place for your oldest to stand is nice, she probably wouldn't want to stand there for long. Hope this helps.



answers from York on

My kids are 3 1.2 years apart, and I will tell you that the biggest WASTE of money was a double stroller. It would be better for you to put the baby in a front carrier or sling and your preschooler into a stroller. My daughter was not that into walking when the baby was born, and we got a double stroller (really awful for a big kid, she couldn't get in and out of it because she was so tall) then a sit and stand, and within a month she hated it and wanted to walk (I think it was the "big kid" thing). Also, doubles are VERY HEAVY and HARD TO MANEUVER in stores (they are really big and hard to turn), call a friend with one and ask to take it for a spin around the neighborhood. When you shop at the stores, put your kids into strollers that you are considering and walk for about 5 mins - it is an expensive peice of equipment that you may be able to do without!



answers from Philadelphia on

The Joovey Sit N Stand (I think) has a chair in the back for the older child and the regular stroller in the front. It was great for my oldest when his brother was an infant.



answers from Philadelphia on

congrats on the baby.My daughter had just turned 3 when my son was born in aug. i had gotten the baby trend double stroller that converted to a sit and stand and it did work at first because the infant seat went in the front and she sat in the back but at 6 months he was huge and out of the infant seat.She too is tall and her foot actually got caught on the wheel because infants then sit in the back when they are out of the infant car seat and big kids sit in front.She also did not like the whole sit and stand option.Now we have the Graco double stroller i think it is the quatro or something i forget and the name isn't on it but it is their new double stroller. i LOVE it.It is heavy to lift but it is easy to steer and push.Most stores don't have it in stock but I got mine online through walmart and if you do ship to store shipping is free.Its about $230 but worth it I paid $180 plus shipping for the one I hated.



answers from Scranton on

I have Joovy double stroller. The front part can hold an infant seat and the back has a platform to stand or a small seat. My only complaint about this one is that when you use the front seat, it doesn't recline at all, but it shouldn't be a problem if you are using the infant seat for now.

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