Need Advice on Digital Photo Printers

Updated on December 17, 2007
K.R. asks from Allen, TX
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I am thinking of getting a dedicated 4x6 digital picture printer. I lean towards HP brand, but thought I would ask the advice of others. Does anyone have one that they love that doesn't cost an arm and a leg for ink replacements?


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answers from Dallas on

I think the home photo printers are more expensive than using a photo lab and the ink quality is very poor. Granted, technology advances pretty quickly, but photos we printed of my daughter from 4 years ago are already discolored.
My mother has the Kodak Easyshare system and while it's convenient to print photos immediately, the color quality isn't as nice as images we get from photo labs.

If you're looking for a convenient way for kids to share photos with friends, make photo crafts and projects, just about any of the printers on the market will do. HP and Kodak are probably the better brands.

If you want your photos to be around a while, stick to the photo labs. We have been very happy with Sam's and Walmart's online photo labs (free shipping to pick up in the store). Walgreen's is the worst, and Target was pretty bad too.



answers from Dallas on

I have an HP and love it, it can do 4x6 and 5x7. I just put the memory card in and push print. I have the HP Photosmart A616. The pictures turn out great. I don't use it very much so I haven't had to replace the ink yet. I bought it at Staples. I read what the other person wrote about the pictures lasting. I am not sure about that, as I have had mine for almost a year. It works for what I need to use it for.
Best of luck,



answers from Houston on

Hi K., I have the Epson PictureMater and I love it. I've printed over 200 photos on it and love the quality. It will print 4x6 prints, wallets & even passport size photos. Read the reviews on for more information.

I love the convienence of having a photo printer at home. I've used it for scrapbooking, replacing framed prints and even for mailing the most recent pictures of my son to his extended family members. It doesn't come out all that much. The great thing about Epson is they sell their paper and ink bundled together. I usually run out of both at the same time so I just get a whole new package replacement. For 100 sheets of paper and enough color ink for those 100 photos, it was around $26. The printer we got was $150 and I just saw that has reduced it to $100. I personally love mine and still use other print services but love being able to print photos at the last moment at home.

Good luck!




answers from Dallas on

Hi K.;

I have the HP and it works great, very happy with it. As far as the ink replacments go, you can take your empty cartridges to Wal-Greens and they refill them for $10.00 black and $15.00 color.


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