Need Advice on Cold Milk in a Sippy Cup

Updated on October 27, 2009
G.M. asks from Ashburn, VA
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My 19 month old still drinks warmed (or room temp) milk in a bottle. one bottle first thin in the morning and one at night before bed time. I know I probably should have tried to nix this warm milk in a bottle thing earlier. I've tried cold milk and she threw a fit but one time she drank some of it but not all at once like she normally slurps down her milk in a bottle. I'm worried she won't get enough milk with it being cold and/or in a sippy cup. Also, we usually do straw cups (not sippy cups). But I do have some Nuby silicon nipple sippy cups I could try. Should I start cold turkey with cold milk in a sippy cup and don't let her have warm milk in a bottle no matter how hard she cries for it? Or continue with cold milk in a bottle for a while? Help please!

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I know some people really have a thing about babies having milk in bottles after a year old but I have to say that I cannot see why it is such a big deal. My youngest is 16 months and she has milk in the AM when she wakes and in the PM before she goes to bed , she doesn't have it fridge cold we warm it for 10 seconds to take the chill off it and she has it from a bottle , she takes her water/juice from a straw cup no problems. I think it is more a comfort thing for them to have their milk from a bottle and they are still babies at that age so why worry about it. She will grow out of it. Just relax and enjoy your baby while she is still one!




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I actually think its better for younger kids to have warm milk. Its more important for you to make sure that she is off the bottle than it is for her to drink cold milk. She should should be doing only sippy cups now and if she is already great with a straw I would not introduce the Nuby type sippy cups at all. My daughter transitioned from the bottle around 15 months. She did just fine with that. When she was 2, it was a little harder to transition her away from the sippy cups to straw cups only...but we managed and she still drinks her milk just fine.

Ultimately its your decision if you want the hassle of having to warm the milk or not. Once your daughter is transitioned from the bottle you could also slowly transition from warm milk to slightly cooler milk each time.

My daughter is 3 1/2 and I still warm up her milk. She will drink it cold as well if she has to but I just pop a mug of milk in the microwave for 45 secs or 1 at least takes the chill out of the milk...

Good luck!



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My oldest son hated milk but would drink it warm in a bottle one time a day. He did this until he was 22 months old. My youngest is now 22 months old and he still takes a warm bottle twice a day. I am in no hurry to wean him from the bottle. I agree with the other mother - enjoy her now as a baby and she will eventually take milk in a cup.



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Try decreasing the temp of the 'warmed milk'. If you heat it in the microwave or stove, cut back on the time. One thing we do, it that we poor the glass of milk and then let it sit for a bit, and give it to her mid-meal or at the end. by then its lost some of the coldness on its own. now she is fine with straight from the fridge milk.



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With my son, the best thing we did was change the routine. When I first tried to give him the sippy cup of milk on the couch where we always did the bottle, he got upset. So we changed the normal routine and went and sat on our deck with the sippy cup. It helped a lot! We changed the morning bottle first, thinking he would drink because he was surely thirsty after a long night's sleep. As it turns out, he was most attached to that morning bottle, so once we got rid of that one, the rest were no problem.

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